Preliminary survey of the physiological indexes after practicing Zhoutian gong after months

Author: Zhang Tiange
Beidanhe Qigong Therapy Hospital, Hebei, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 5 , Word Count: 266

Zhoutian gong is a kind of traditional Chinese qigong skill which has a prolonged history and a wide-spread circulation. The question of how long it takes the people of present age to master the skill of Zhoutian gong and its effect is a question most people are interested in.

The aim of this article is to observe the bodily changes of patients after two months of practicing Zhoutian gong by referring to some physiological indexes recorded during the state of qigong, so as to provide the clinical patients the time required for mastering the skill and an objective basis for obtaining an initial curative effect .

The result shows, after two months of Zhoutian gong practice, the BF (breath frequency) of the P group (practicing group) is -26.0% , which descends remarkably in comparing with that of the C group (control group) which is -4.4%, when the practicing of the patient enters the state of 'Rujing' (being calm) for 5'; the descent of CBF (blood flow quantity of brain is -3.9%, which also drops much more than that of the C group, which is -1.6%; the temperature of Mingmen Of the P group during Zhoutian gong increases 1.0 C in average than that before practice. This shows that the P group has attained the goal of entering the state of 'Rujing' and achieved some effect in qigong skill practice.

Viewing from the efficacy rate of 90%, one can see that the curative effect of Zhoutian gong is trustworthy. But the practice should be undertaken not less than 60 days, while for some chronic illnesses, the period of practice be even longer.