Mind Awareness Education

Author: Takahashi K
Yokohama National University
Conference/Journal: J Mind-Body Science
Date published: 2005
Other: Volume ID: 14 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 13-25 , Word Count: 307

To begin with, the aim of Body/Mind Awareness Education is for the learner to develop an understanding of the Body/Mind relationship. It may be said that this is in fact developing an awareness of a 'unique self'. Furthermore, in Body/Mind Awareness Education the instructor selects and offers activities which provide the learner with an opportunity that will stimulate the learner's awareness of their Body/ Mind, but never implements instruction that causes the learner to focus directly on the Body/Mind relationship in and of itself. As a result of this type of methodology, many instructors have reported that through implementation of Body / Mind Awareness, their very way in which they teach has been influenced. The most likely conclusion to be drawn from this is that in a free and safe environment, the instructional practice of Body/ Mind Awareness results not only the learner developing more sensitivity to the relationship of Body/Mind, but the instructor, as well, developing a greater sensitivity to their own Body/Mind. Additionally, although learners participate in similar activities in Body/Mind Awareness Education instruction, each develops a varying degree of conceptual perception and manifests their understand of the Body/Mind relationship differently. Yet, be that as it may, the variety and range of this conceptual perception is limited to the current existing condition, termed 'materialization of the body'. As one of the paramount issues within education in Japan today, a greater understanding of how the boundaries of this 'materialization of the body' may be overcome is essential, and the only possible way for this to occur is if educational practices change with instructors developing a greater understanding of Body/Mind integration and thereby stimulating learners to understand the Body/ Mind relationship in terms of space, time and nature.Key words: Body/ Mind Awareness, living, materialization of the body, education.