[Is Qi Gong suitable for the prevention of low back pain?][in German]

Author: Zauner-Dungl A
Zentrum fur Chinesische Medizin und Komplementarmedizin, Gars am Kamp, Osterreich. chinazentrum@willidungl.com
Conference/Journal: Wien Med Wochenschr
Date published: 2004
Other: Volume ID: 154 , Issue ID: 23-24 , Pages: 564-7 , Word Count: 162

Low back pain is one of the main problems of health care, and has many causes. To prevent low back pain daily activities are highly important--static work as well as dynamic movement--carried out in an ergonomic and economical way. Studies have shown that the compliance of patients with regard to exercise training and ergonomic recommendations is not very high. The main posture of Qi Gong training is similar to the recommended posture by low back schools. Qi gong exercises respect basic physiological and ergonomic principles of movement in every way. Qi Gong fulfils the most important criteria for the prevention and therapy of idiopathic low back pain. Qi Gong training requires no special equipment. It is simple and can be undertaken everywhere. A growing number of people have become interested in Qi Gong, and train regularly and effectively. Low back pain rarely occurs in such people, and therefore Qi Gong should be considered as one of the most effective means of prevention.