Mechanism of qigong - magnetic resonance

Author: Ma Jiannan
Technology Institute, Hongkong Chinese University, Hong Kong [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 200 , Word Count: 805

Qigong is a kind of frequency energy, which can be affected by the strong magnetic field and stored in the human body and released by it. When we are doing the basic exercise of qigong (e. g. cycle movements with hands in front of the abdomen), we are using the blood in the hands, the blood cells in the blood and the magnetic matters in the blood cells to crosscut the magnetic line of force of the globe. As a result, there produces the direct current and magnetic field when the frequency of the cycle movement is 0.3-0.7 Hz, and a numb feeling appears in the hands. This kind of qi sensation is neither electric current because the feeling will disappear when the cycle movements are accelerated and the frequency is over 0.7 Hz, nor magnetic field because when the hands are placed between two pieces of strong magnet, no such feeling occurs. The author thinks that it is a feeling caused by the magnetic resonance. There is a coincidence between the qigong phenomenon and the mechanism of the magnetic resonance when one is practicing the basic exercise of qigong. A human magnetic field with an appropriate frequency is produced, which can cause the water in one's hand to have nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The 1H and 3C are orderlessly arranged in the body, but after the qigong exercise through the auto magnetization, a magnetization state (ARROWS Here) appears. At this moment if there is an energy coming from outside, the frequency of which is correspondent to the formula of nuclear magnetic resonance

n = rHo/2p

the magnetized water may absorb the energy and there occurs the magnetic resonance state (ARROWS Here). n is the frequency, Ho is the intensity of the external magnetic field, g (rotatory magnetization) and 2p are constant. The weaker the magnetic field is, the lower frequency needed.

Water and organic compounds are considered as the media for the magnetic resonance force, flowing in the body. The two- hands may guide its traveling course because in the qigong exercise the magnetic resonance first occurs in the hands; it can also flow from the place where the strongest energy stores to the place where the weakest energy stores. The disabled, weak, diseased and aging organs would absorb the energy passing through them and get rehabilitate d.

In general, energy of infrasonic wave band is emitted. to treat patients in the qigong therapy. It can cause the magnetic resonance of the water and protein in the body. Patients tend to absorb the energy emitted from others. A slight hot sensation of the patients can be confirmed by an infrared thermograph and far-infrared detector. But this is the secondary energy generated by concomitance, because man-made temperature increase cannot bring the curative effect of qigong . The energy of magnetic- resonance may be originated from the magnetic resonance elements of the cells-- 1H, 13C, 15N, 31P, etc. When the condition of the magnetic resonance changes, the magnetic resonance ceases because of the unbalance of the NMR formula, and these elements have to liberate the absorbed energy of the magnetic resonance, some of which would be absorbed by the cells concerned to strengthen the activity -of them. When the supply of the energy of the magnetic resonance discontinues, the extra activity of the cells terminates, and then the far-infrared energy of high frequency is liberated by them. The wavelength of the secondary energy is related to the diameter of the cells. Various peak spectrum diagrams of the infrasonic wave band are seen when the qigong masters are emitting their qi since they practice different patterns of qigong exercises and there is differed intensity of magnetic fields. It explains the curative effect to different organs.

From the above analysis we can say that there is a third energy other than food and air for the human beings. The qigong masters are able to absorb the infrasonic energy of low frequency and emit high frequency energy.

The theory of human magnetic resonance not only explains the fundamental phenomena of qigong, but also moving objects by qigong . meridian traveling course and the Bermuda mystery. Some of the manifestations present in the qigong exercise should be expounded not only by the magnetic resonance, but by the magnetic induction capacity. superfluity and rearrangement of crystals.

The research of the human science in future will stress the following aspects 1. Treating diseases by frequency; 2. Training qigong pupils with the super conductible magnetic field; 3. Training the peculiar function with the reverse magnetic pole; 4. Developing qigong instruments based on the mechanism of the magnetic resonance; 5. Doing away with superstitions with the mechanism of qigong; 6. Exploring the wisdom of the outer space creatures according to the religious legends. But the task of top priority at present is to standardize the qigong teachers and offer regular course of qigong.