An general engineerin.g dealing with human life - analysis of the maneuver of Taiji Xulin qigong

Author: Lian Zhen
2-3-3, State-Owned Garment Dormitory, Jixi, Helongjiang Province 158100
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 205-206 , Word Count: 410

The maneuver of Taijixulin Qigong which is considered as a general
engineering dealing with human life, consists of three sitting postures, lying pasture and free mind method. The three sitting postures are the main maneuvers. The training rules and maneuver of it can restore and regulate the functions of the human body and keep people fit. It begins with the way of Taiji, finished by Wuji.

Totally Regulating and Improving the Functions of Various Organs of the Human Body by Practicing the Spine:

The spine is one of important parts of the body. Its dysfunction can affect the digestive system, the respiratory system, the motor system, the urogenital system and the nervous system, besides, some diseases, crytorrhea or dysfunction of metabolism may occur. Therefore, the functions of various organs of the body can be totally regulated and improved by practicing the spine in the way of Qigong.

The Normal Function of the Human Body Can be Maintained:

The brain is the source of mentality, it controls man's mental
activities. The heart lies in the chest and propels blood to flow and circulate within the blood vessels to nourish the whole body. The kidney lies in the lower-jiao storing the essence of life, controlling an promoting inspiration. The brain, heart and kidney are three parts of energy supply to man's life.

The maneuver of Di Tian Sui, based on the theory about the integrated unity of the human body and the theory on correspondence between man and the universe, can regulate the functions of the heart and kidney by improving the function of the brain. This maneuver can integrate the brain with the heart and kidney as an organic whole. Thus, the normal function of the human body can be maintained by regulating the functions of the brain, heart and kidney.

Tranquilize the Mind to Enter a State of Void:

Void, namely, is to keep a peaceful and stable mood, to stop any mental activities. It is the most essential exercise in Qigong derivation.

Definitions of Some Auxiliary Maneuvers of Qigong:

Foot Qigong: The foot is an area in which man's primordial essence and Qi meet and send out. Foot Qigong is a good way to dredge and regulate the meridians of the whole body.

Free Mind Method: Saliva is the interactant of the heart and kidney, which has a mystical effect on strengthening man's
immunity, preventing diseases and prolonging life. Therefore, often swallowing saliva can do good to one's health.