Effects of emitted qi on silicon's crystalline state

Author: Wu Banghui 1//Wu Ruixian 1//Du Kaiying 1//Wu Shiying 1//Zhu Jumu 1//Song Kongzhi 2//Li Xianggao 2//Lan Rongliang 2//Zhaou Liangzhong 2
Sichuan University, Sichuan Province, China [1] //Institute of Space Medical Engineering, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 195 , Word Count: 345

In recent years, with the development of the human body science, a series of experimental evidences have been obtained. They prove that the peculiar functions and emitted qi can change structures and properties of matters. For example, some natural gifted men and qigong masters can break steel needles sealed in a container into two parts and then bind them together (without any touch), or influence the structure of water, physiological saline, glucose injection, etc, or make cards that have been torn or pounded into paper pulp into their original state. All these changes can be assumed to be caused by actions of a certain matter (or energy) given off by the naturally gifted men or qigong masters. The natural instinct of which is still unknown. We call the matter the 'emitted qi'. Detailed study of the action of the emitted qi on matters has profound theoretical meanings and important application prospects to various modern sciences.

This paper discusses the effect of the emitted qi on silicon crystal state. The Si single crystal plates or Si single crystal plates that had been single-sided covered with amorphous Si was put into hermetically sealed glass bottles as subjects of the peculiar function of a naturally gifted man. Their crystal structure was analyzed before and after the treatment.

The analytical curve of X-ray's is the diffraction of Si crystal plate that hadn't been treated.

From the silicon plates which were acted on by the emitted qi, we found three plates which had become oriented microcrystal.

In order to be prudent, by the end of 1987, we reanalyzed the structure of plates A and B. To our surprise, these two plates restored their original single crystal structure. To have a better understanding of the effect, seven days after the plate (C) was analyzed we traced to examine it and found that it had become single crystal as (A) and (B).

With reference to 'Breakdown-Restitution' effect of photodiode under the action of the peculiar function, we think the change of the single crystal to oriented microcrystal as a kind of 'soft change'.