Qigong, a special learning with phyiscal and intelligence property

Author: Ou Wenwei
Qigong Department, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 183-184 , Word Count: 494

What's Qigong?

Many people, especially those in China, have been engaged in the research on this throughout man's history. Qi of Qigong is a special thing with both physical and intelligence property coming from the universe. The physical property of Qi shows its existence in three forms.

It Shows its Existence in the Form of Energy:

This is the reason why people may have some relative reaction while touching Qi. It has almost everything in common with the fact that certain reaction can be caused by contacting other energy (such as electricity and heat). The only difference is that heat and electricity can be proved to be existing by certain equipment, while Qi cannot, which may lead people to a misunderstanding that it lacks of scientific basis.

Different person has different Qi field. Therefore, when contacting it, each one will have different reaction and feeling.

It Moves in the Form of Molecule in Space-Time:

In daily life, people can smell flower, food and other smelling things because the smelling molecule, when they are moving in the air, can be received by man's nose and then the sense of smell comes into being.

For the same reason, smell may be found when people are practicing
Qigong. This can also be explained by the movement of smelling molecule.

However, people in the normal state usually absorb the smelling
molecule at a short range while it is the molecule at long range that they absorb during receiving or practicing Qigong. Therefore, smell will disappear soon after the practicing is over.

Based on the above truth, we may realize that in fact practicing and receiving Qigong is a course of accepting energy and absorbing material element in the natural world.

It Spreads Outward in the Form of 'Field':

The diffusion of Qi field is wave-like just as that of magnetic,
electric and ray fields. Facing the truth and achievement we have to admit that a man of great ability can undoubtedly emit Qi to a distant place of hundred miles, even thousand miles.

The physical property can help us in part to understand the reason why Qigong can cure people, which is closely connected with modern medical science. However, to further explain the question, we must look into its intelligence property that is up to the vitality.

Intelligence property mainly refers to the activity beyond the physical property. Man's vitality is a typical one. Its activity shows in two aspects:

a. conscious behavior
b. superconscious behavior.

To a certain extent, it is controlled by man's will. But under many
circumstances, it will not submit to the will of man himself.

Qi of Qigong is in conformity with the vitality having both conscious
and super-conscious behavior. Hence, with the help of Qigong man can improve the activity of vitality. In other words, the physiological functions of human body will be strengthened.

It is for this reason that we can achieve some unexpected results from
the treatment of certain illnesses.