On the essence of qigong, in terms of power and object

Author: Ou Wenwei
Qigong Department, Guangzhou University, Lujing Road, Guangzhou, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 182-183 , Word Count: 430

Power and object are the most common phenomenon in nature, and they are basic and essential forms in expression of the universe. After all, what is the relationship between power and object?

Power and object are both sources of the universe. Power is a general definition and it's usually reflected from the form of energy, field rays, coolness, warmness, etc.

How does power become the source of the universe? Because the universe is originally without bound and shape. There are two substances with totally different characteristics existing in the wide universe. One is limitless material corpuscle, the other is power, which can produce force.

Object is passive, and it can never form new material or change present situation without the action of power. On the other hand, power possesses great ration, and it can lay out the procedure for the change of all kinds of objects and propel the realization of this procedure. Everything in nature is first orderly and rational movement of the countless celestial body, and it exists and changes based on the this procedure. From this point of view, power is not only one of the basic factors of universe, but also the most fundamental source of production and change of myriad in the universe.

Power and object exist comparatively, and power plays a leading role. During the movement of the change of substance, power dominates from the beginning to end. Object is passive; it can not move without power, and it has to move under power. Power is positive, but it must be combined with the passive object. The magnitude of power decides the movement and change of the corresponding substances.

Comprehension and intelligence in Qigong are the reflections of
relationship between object and power in the human body.

Qigong is a special subject about comprehension and intelligence.
Comprehension in Qigong is chiefly displayed in energy. Molecular movement and field, while its intelligence is chiefly displayed in dynamic capacity beyond comprehension. Comprehension and intelligence in Qigong are intrinsically identical with power and object in nature.

However, Qi in Qigong is also called Zhen Qi or Yuan Qi, which is a combination of comprehension and intelligence. It's not quite the same as Qi of material in nature. Pure Qi of material only possesses attribute of material, whereas Qi in Qigong possesses not only attribute of material, but also component of power.

The purpose to get in Qi is not only to complement essence needed by the body, and the more important is to absorb power useful for one's vitality and to strengthen one's own vitality and immunity.