On message

Author: He Tongsen
401, Liming Garden, 30 Ehilong 2465 Long, Qicui Rd. Shanghai, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 178-179 , Word Count: 302

Both emitted Qi and mind focusing are called messages in the specialty of Qigong. The conception is vague. The essay intends to describe messages with three words - Essence, Qi and Spirit. Essence refers to message, Qi energy and spirit formation. The three are indispensable and related to one another.

The maturity of physical body depends on invisible messages, the source of transformation. The egg cell divides and one is born after going through the morula stage, embryonic period and fetal period. Each time egg cells divide, message is transcribed. Every newly-generated cell carries all its original germ cell's message. Nevertheless, some messages due to the limits of condition become latent ones and are not supposed to play roles.

Only germ cells' message is not restricted by conditions. Innate
information is responsible for the transcription of overall message of the body. From the adolescent period, germ cells develop quickly, and each time germ cells come into existence, there is a transcription of innate message. Unlike somatic cell message the newly-transcribed germ cell's message is free from latent part but is capable of distortion. The more frequently it is transcribed, the more likely message is distorted.

Everything in the universe carries with it before its existence. So
does man. The growth of a person actually replays the process of how the universe came into being by means of a fetus developing in the womb for more than nine months. The so-called extraordinary power is virtually universal and every one possesses it. The thing is it does not occur but in the replay and it is too ready to become latent. Most people fail to discover it in time or later fail to grasp it. If we can find the key to the latent message more power of the human body can be revealed.