33 cases of motor neuron disease treated by chen's rehabilitating therapy

Author: Chen Bingqi
Zhejiang College of TCM
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 173 , Word Count: 186

Motor neuron disease is a chronic nervous problem with the cells of the anterior horn of spinal cord and the lower brain stem involved. The cause is still unknown and it is in the range of 'wei pi' in TCM.

Since February, 1996, 33 cases of motor neuron disease have been treated by the static Qigong in combination with herbal medicine and there is marked effect.

Symptoms include weakness due to functional disturbance of the superior and inferior motor neuron marked by weakness of hands, lower face and limbs or numbness of limbs, spasm and muscular atrophy.

In treatment, stress is focused on static Qigong to give local
training in association with medicinal herbs. All the patients were asked to do the static Qigong three times a day and each time lasted for over 2 hours. For some patients kneeling and standing on hands were requested to give impulse to the muscular, cranial and spinal nerves so as to remove muscular astrophy. Meanwhile medicinal herbs were given to strengthen the Qigong effect.

Out of the 33 cases, 8 cases were markedly effective - 26. 5%; 5 cases were effective - 53. 5% and 7 cases ineffective - 20%.