Blood pressure lowered by qigong

Author: Li Mingxuan
1-10, 2nd Yuan, Sanlihe Beijie, West City, Beijing
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 167-168 , Word Count: 174

At present there are 90 million people suffering from hypertension, and it is about 2 million in Beijing. Hypertension can be seen in various age and physical conditions. Symptoms vary too. According to my view high blood pressure is only a manifestation, and in treatment the cause must be found.

Treating Method:

Supplementing Qi to lower blood pressure
Regulating Qi and field
Expelling evils
Soothing the liver to regulate Qi
Removing stones to lower blood pressure
Reinforcing the heart to lower lipid
Regulating kidney-qi
Decreasing sugar and reinforcing Qi
Soothing the liver and regenerating spleen-qi
Supplementing Qi to remove stagnation

Mass Qi emitting and individual Qi emitting were combined. The
effective rate was 100% and the curative rate was 90%. If patients can receive the emitted Qi and do self-training 90% of them have no recurrence in ten years.

Results after Mass Qi Emitting for 5--8 minutes

Name Age Sex Blood Pressure

Before After

Leng Shuxia 53 f 180/110 120/90
Du Linzhong 48 m 150/90 120/90
Wang Wenyi 53 m 150/100 140/95
Li Changchun 59 m 170/100 130/95
Gao Lianzhong 64 m 160/100 140/90
Wang Huanxin 53 f 150/90 130/90
Li Dezhen 55 f 180/90 160/90
Cheng Zhanmin 50 m 150/100 120/90