Science of vital message and qigong

Author: Gu Hansen//Wu Dumin
China Vital Message Institute, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 187 , Word Count: 1129

In the coming age of vital science, the focal point of medical science will shift to Chinese medicine, of which modernization of qigong is a trend of word history.

1. Non static mass matter verified.
Several famous physicists of the l9th century, namely Faraday, Maxwell and Hertz led a great revolution in physics, proving the existence of electromagnetic wave, a non static mass matter (energy matter in brief) . Electromagnetic wave is an expression of materialistic movement. It proves that every static mass matter (mass matter in brief hereafter) always accompanies certain specific natural resonant frequency. The discovery of dualistic correspondence between mass matter and energy message thoroughly broke through the old concept that only visible and touchable things are material and outcomes of the spectacular world of message of today. Nevertheless, physics is still in general a science for the lifeless world.

2. Energy message dualistically corresponding to orderization of matter.
The development of the disequilibrium thermo-dynamitics theoretically has built a bridge between physics and biology. It, in the first time, explained the relationship between the living body and message, or dualistic correspondence of the living body with vital message. The living body by acquiring negative entropy becomes itself orderized at higher order and thus gain development and evolution, though no report of practical applications has yet been seen.

3. Science of vital message and qigong.
Biology and Western medicine based on postmortem anatomy have already developed to the molecular level which brings about unprecedent improvement in the development and evolution of the living body, disease curing and life prolongation. However, so far in general it is still limited in the interreaction between the living body and static mass matter. The effects of non static mass on the development of the living body are still overlooked.

(I) In terms of the human body life corresponding to the complex message system, the authors, after experimental tests, on the material basis of the emitted qi, reached a conclusion that qi, as so often said by ancient people is nothing but 'field' of modern science and 'shape' is tangible matter of static mass by all sorts of modern scientific measurements from naked eyes to electron microscope. When a person falls ill, it must be some unbalance of his yin and yang. Two ways of readjustment can restore the balance of yin and yang. One is to readjust yin. It is the way of Chinese pharmaceutical medicine. Here we may call it the medicine of yin . The other is to readjust yang to restore the balance of yin and yang by the qigong therapy. Here we may call it medicine of yang for the time being. In this sense, the oriental medicine seems to be much dialectical than the Western medicine. The essence is how to recognize the material world in a comprehensive way, though merely qualitatively.
Therefore acusthesia vision, language, thought, emotion and knowledge are all matters stored in the human cerebral cells in highly orderized modes, just like sound and vision recorded in magnetic molecules of a cassette in orderized mode. When aging and finally death occur the orderization gives way to disorderness in the cerebral cells. The energy-message system degenerates and finally loses its function. No matter how you define death, at the moment of death, the loss of body mass in general is not quick, but the loss of energy message is significantly quick. A dying man cannot hear, see, talk and think, and can no longer receive any message from outside. After all these, then, there • ill be the destruction of the body mass. Therefore it is thriving and declining of the vital message that chiefly characterizes the vitality of the living body.

2. The qigong state—qigong message---the orderization of specific parts of the human body--physiological effects.
Through the experiments the authors found various produced different messages. Since different messages dualistically correspondent to different forms of orderization. therefore various qigong exercises always direct the human body to produce orderization in different parts and strata of the body, and then macroscopically manifest different biological effects analogous to different medical treatments to cure various diseases.

3. Science of vital message and scientifization of qigong .
Science of vital message is a branch studying the quantitative exchanges of bio-messages between the living beings and their environments.
Since the messages of energy mass dualistically corresponding to various sorts of orderization in the living body, it is possible to gather vital messages of specific parts and strata from the living body of fine variety and at robust age, and to transmit them to the living body of the same kind and at different stage of life in order to revivify its own vital messages, especially reinforce the orderization of the living beings' robust ±-ears, so as to preserve health and change the defective orderization into health ones to cure diseases and prolong life.

Wu Dumin, one of the authors, after many years of hard work on animal experiments successfully collected a set of broad spectrum therapeutic vital messages having strictly numerical ordinal corresponding to those of the living body of robust years in the end of 1 950's. These collected therapeutic messages were inputted into the vital message therapeutic instrument designed by Ku Hansen, the other author of this paper, in the middle of 1980's, The instrument was patented with a type number SMS-03 and used by more than a hundred units. Several hundred thousand person-times have been treated with this instrument. Reports show no side-effects appeared and quite a lot of difficult and complicated diseases were cured, e. g. improving the vision of patients with senile cataract and audition of patients with senile deafness; recovering the function of pancreas cells; recovering the liver cell from necrosis; repairing the hurt bone tissue suffered from cancerous bone tumor; improving Lymphatic circulation; improving immune function of the three systems; improving micro circulation; increasing blood flow in the coronary artery; raising P02 of arterial blood, etc. These examples prove how the vital messages control the orderization of the living body, which macroscopically present to be controlling physiological functions for the purpose of curing illness and prolonging life.

Science of vital message is the product of this epoch. Vital message controls orderization of the living body and macroscopically controls the physiological functions of the living body. This idea through recognition and emphasis will bring about tremendous progress to the civilization of mankind. An unprecedent magnificent vital-message industrial revolution will surely take place as the result of interaction between the living organism and the material world--the interaction between vital matter and non-static mass matter. It is much essential for qigong to promote towards a higher level in the development of the energy-message vital science.
Qigong, the treasure of Chinese nation, will play an important role in preserving health and prolonging the human life.