Reduction of closed fracture with qigong, integrated Chinese and Western

Author: Cui Weixin
Cui Weixin Clinic, North Gate, People's Park, Sanmenxia, Hebei Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 139-140 , Word Count: 522

The Eight Trigrams-sound wave-point pressing-latent ability inducing taxis based on the bone setting theory of Chinese and Western theory and Qigong treatment is effective on the reduction of various closed fracture.

Clinical data:

Among 6 cases, 4 are male, 2 female, 3 ages between 18 and 28 and 3 between 48 and 53. Five suffer from fracture of clavicles, ulna, radius, tibia and fibula. One suffers from compressibility change of lumbar vertebrae accompanied by fracture of ankle and phalanx. Two are disturbed by single bone fracture while four disturbed by multi-bone fracture.


After treatment the radius of the patient who suffered from fracture of ulna and radius was of good apposition while his ulna was malformed, but no functional disturbance was found. The tibia of the patient who suffered from fracture five months later after an operation on tibial cystis was of good apposition. The bone developed fast and set well. The second and third left phalanxes of the patient who suffered from fracture of several phalanxes were of good apposition but his fourth phalanx was malformed. No obvious result was seen from the X-ray photos before and after the treatment for the patient who suffered from compressibility change of two vertebrae along with fracture of ankle and phalanx. However, the original symptoms disappeared and never returned. The patient's seven fractures of medial and external malleolus, the far end of the third left tibia and both ends of the fourth and fifth left tibia were healed.


We integrate Qigong with Chinese and Western medicine to found the Eight Trigrams-sound wave-point pressing-latent ability inducing taxis. The therapy is composed of five parts:

a. location of the eight Trigrams
b. physical and breathing exercises by sound wave
c. posture for correction
d. digital pressing
e. manipulation of reduction

Detailed operation:

Location of the Eight Trigrams: Taking advantage of the inter-generation between the location of eight trigrams and human body field, we choose corresponding location to perform the reduction on fracture. Thousands of cases prove it effective to the reposition and healing of the fracture.

Physical and Breathing Exercises by Sound Wave: During bone setting, we select a sensitive and representative number from O to 10 for the patient and make the patient pronounce the chosen number to form oscillation of sound wave. The sound wave on the one hand makes patients relaxed, tranquilized, and are prepared for the doctor to press points. On the other hand, it regulates both the patient's central nerve system and the movement of skeletal muscles. Moreover, the doctor induces the patient's latent ability of self-reduction with manipulation of digital pressing and reposition.

Posture for Correction: Once an appropriate posture is decided, the best fulcrum for reduction is chosen and the doctor treats disease with manipulation and inner thought.

Digital Pressing: The doctor emits Qi to his palms and fingers and presses patient's corresponding points. It brings help to the reposition and fixation, and helps to relieve swelling and pain.

Manipulation of Reposition: It bases on the patient's injury and the doctor's diagnosis with Qigong. In a word, the Eight Trigrams-sound-wave-point pressing latent ability inducing taxis mainly depends on inducing patient's latent ability of self-reduction to achieve healing.