Report on the treatment of blood supply shortage in the brain by China five circle qigong

Author: Liu Faxiang 1//Xue Yuanshun 2
Dalian No. 210 Hospital [1]//Shanghai Huadong Normal University, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 130-131 , Word Count: 532

Blood supply shortage in the brain may lead to a number of brain diseases due to the reduction of normal blood volume flowing to the brain, a part making up 2% of the body weight. Of its special function, complex structure, important role and great energy consumption, the brain demands 20% of total blood volume to fulfill its physiological duty.

Over 80% of the adults are affected in various extent by blood supply shortage in the brain which becomes severe along with the advancement of disease and age. When the brain is greatly short of blood, its cells will accelerate senility and loss. Because brain cells can never reproduce, patients will in the early stage find their memory fading and ability failing. If the shortage is allowed to continue, diseases such as encephalatrophy will definitely develop. In December, 1997, I treated 121 cases of encephalatrophy with Yineng Qigong in Shanghai Huadong Normal University.


A color Doppler Cerebral Blood Flow Detector (TCD) made in Germany was used. Among the 121 cases, 85 were male, 36 female. The age was from 31 to 81, with an average of 54.

Among the 121 cases, 49 were cured (restoration of normal blood flow), making up 40.5% of the total; 47, markedly effective, 38.8%; 24, effective, 19.8%; 1, not effective, 0.8%. The total effective rate was 99.2%.

Profile of Cases:

Profile 1:

a. Mr. Xia
b. age 58
c. Case No. 136

Complaints: Sensation of headache, dizziness and disturbance of the neck had been along with for more than ten years. Diagnosis was made by TCD two years ago to confirm the shortage of blood flow in VA of both sides. A variety of drugs had been taken. Now the shortage was still present with VA VS 28 in the left rheoencephalogram and VA VS 30 (normal VS 40-70) in the right. After treatment, VS of the left side rose to 48 while the right, 42. His brain blood flow was restored after one treatment of point pressure by Qigong.

Profile 2:

a. Mrs. Zhang
b. age 58
c. case No. 210

Complaints: She had had disturbance of the neck for several months. TCD said there was a shortage of blood supply in VA of both sides. The left VS was 24 while the right 21. After treatment, the left VS jumped to 60 while the right, 70. Her blood flow returned to normal.

Conclusion: The effect of Yineng Qigong among Five Circle Qigong is self-evident in the treatment of blood supply shortage in the brain. 80% patients claimed their necks were disturbed, which seemed related to their occupation: lowering heads when working. Several people who never had uncomfortable sensation of their necks were also found suffering from the shortage, which pointed out the potentiality of the disease. Effects on female patients were better than that on male ones. A further research was needed.

To sum up, various causes may contribute to the blood flow shortage in the brain and result of encephalatroph or dementia is impossible to reverse. The disease itself is not terrible. It is the fact that many people ignore and fail to take effective measures to prevent and cure the disease that is really worrying. Consequently, every one, especially the middle-aged and the senior, is responsible for probing methods to promote or increase blood supply for the brain and to develop the human latent ability by Qigong practice.