Clinical observation of qigong on treatment of diabetes mellitus

Author: Feng Lida//Sun Tulin//Li Qun//Zhang Yu//Cheng Ning
Navy Hospital, Beijing, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 129-130 , Word Count: 222

Sixty patients with diabetes mellites were studied. The patients were divided into the Group treated with Qigong and Control Group, each including 30 cases. There were 28 cases with NIDDM and 2 cases IDDM in the Qigong Group, in which the mean age was 52.1.

There were 29 cases with NDDM and one case with IDDM in the control in which the mean age was 53. Before treatement, the fasting blood glucose level was 11. 57 mmol/L in the Qigong Group, 11.04mmol/L in the Control Group and 2-hour glucoses level after meals was 16.96mml/L in the Qigong Group, 15.49mmol/L in the Control.

After treatment, the average value of decline in glucose was 3.63mmol/L in the Qigong Group, 2.15mmol/L in the Control Group (P<0.01).

The plasma insulin value was measured. It was 14.74 +/- 6.97uu/ml before the Qigong treatment in the Qigong Grop value 19.71 +/-9.15uu/ml after the Qigong treatment (P<0.01).

However, it was 15.31 +/- 8.7uu/ml after treatment in the Control Group.

The change of plasma insulin was more significant compared with the control (P<0.01). The abnormal change of microcirculation in nail wall was observed in 55% diabetes mellitus. The microcirculation ws obviously improved after the Qigong treatment and exercise by themselves. Physical strength, energy, sleep, pain of lower limbs in the Qigong Group were better than in the Control Group.