Research on qigong from the viewpoint of oriental medicine

Author: Institute of Human Body Culture
Institute of International Traditional Medical Theory, Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine, Shenhu Woman University, Japan Institute of Qigong Science, Japanese Branch, Qigong Institute
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 115-116 , Word Count: 306

Qigong derived from Chinese health preserving thought is emphasized more and more and is extensively applied to the field of Chinese medicine, modern medicine, psychology, physical education, management science, education, arts, body build and health care science.

Qigong closely related to Chinese philosophy and religion is a self controlled way to preserve Qi and regulate Qi through channels and collaterals of the whole body to cure diseases, and to retain health. Now, people in the world are very enthusiastic about Qigong and begin to do research on Qi and Qigong science.

We regard Qigong as an oriental therapeutic method, and make a comprehensive analysis to do research based on traditional Chinese medicine, oriental medicine, alternative medicine and holistic medicine.


30 Qigong masters, patients and healthy people from Institute of Body Culture and from Qigong Section of Japan Health Science Association join in the experiment. Internal Qi refers to the combination of somatic function and spiritual activity.

The index of somatic function can be volume of blood flow of nerve endings, skin, temperature and body tensity while the index of spiritual function is based on tests on mood evaluation, echoencephalograph and mind or body function before and after Qigong practice.


Qigong masters with the ability to emit external Qi have the self control ability of the autonomic nerve.

After Qigong practice, the volume of blood flow of the nerve endings increases and the skin temperature rises for about 20 minutes. The elasticity numeral indicating the hardness of skin tissue and muscular tissue decreases. The body tenacity decreases as well.

After Qigong practice, one becomes light hearted, gentle, temperate and the energetic. The spiritual tensity decreases and the power of waves increses.


The oriental Qigong helps to improve the brain's automatic self-control ability, and thus promotes the natural ability of curing diseases by means of soothing tensity.