Marked effect on facial paralysis treated by yoga

Author: Xu Xiangrui
Bijie Intermediate People's Court, Guizhou Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 154-155 , Word Count: 457

With the help of the resonance effect of the human body field, yoga in combination with the guidance of both Chinese and modern medical theory can stimulate nerves to dredge channels and collaterals, strengthen body resistance to eliminate pathogens by means of pushing, grasping, pressing, kneading and digital pressure on related points.

Clinical practice indicates that yoga has its peculiar effection the treatment of facial paralysis with high curative rate, brief course of treatment, quick effectiveness and no recurrence. Meanwhile the patient won't feel any disturbance in an usual course of seven days.

The duration of treatment varies with illness. The shortest needs three times while fifteen days are needed if the duration of illness lasts for three years.

Treating Principle:

Relax muscles and tendons to dredge collaterals, activate blood circulation to remove stasis.

Location of points: Yintang (Extra 1), Jingming (UB 1) Yangbai(GB 14), Yingxiang (LI 20), Xiaguan (ST 7), Jiache (ST 6), Dicang (ST 4), Fengchi (GB 20), Hegu (LI 4),Taiyang (Extra 2), Sibai (ST 2), Renzhong (DU 26), Chengjiang (RN 24).

Manipulation: The operators emit energy to the ten fingers and make it vibrate with that of the patient. The operators make energy rotate around the patient's face. When pathogenic factor is dispelled, the operators shift to pushing, pressing, kneading, scrubbing and grasping manipulation.

Operation: The treatment mainly focuses on the disordered side and accessory treatment is applied to the healthy side. If the patient suffers from hemiplegia and distorted mouth and eye, Tianding (LI 17),Fenglong (ST 40) and Huantiao (GB 30) are needled for treatment.

Among the 31 cases who had been treated in the recent years, 22 were male and 19 female. The age range was 19-40 years old in 22 cases; 41-55, 6 cases; 60 years old above, 3 cases. Nine cases fell into the ten-day duration of illness, six cases between six months and a year, ten cases between one year and three years, six cases above three years. 9 out of 31 cases suffered from hemiparalysis caused by cerebral hemorrhage, enecephalorrhagia with complication of facial paralysis marked by distorted mouth and eye and disturbance of speech. The total effective rate of 31 cases was 96.77% while the failure rate was 3.23%.

When treated, the patient may sit, lie or stand. The operator may adopt contact, non-contact or strengthen manipulation to treat the disease based on an over all analysis of symptoms and signs. With channels and collaterals as the focus, and anatomy as the accessory, the key points are taken care of and the virus is eliminated.

Criteria For Effects Are As Follows:

Cure: Restoration of face and function, absence of any kind of disturbance.
Marked Effectiveness: Basic restoration of face and function.
Failure: No sensation is felt when treated. No change is seen. Failure might be due to internal and external factors, such as dull sensation of channels and collaterals, mood, occupation, etc.