Effect of emitted qi on ultraviolet spectrum of a yeast RNA solution

Author: Sun Mengyin 1//Li Shengping 1//Meng Guirong 1//Cui Yanghao 1//Xin Yan 2
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China [1] //$Municipal Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chongqing, Sichuan Province, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 178 , Word Count: 298

RNA is a kind of important biomacromolecule, which controls the
synthesis of protein in organisms. In the Central Analysis Laboratory of
the Tsinghua University, with a recording spectrophotometer we tested
the variation of the yeast RNA solution before Yan Xin emitted his qi to it
from Guangzhou (2000 km from Beijing).

The experiment was repeated many times and indicated that the
emitted qi from 2000 km away could influence the properties of yeast
RNA. Here we'll only report the experiment carried out on Jan. 24, 1988.
Before the experiment, we talked over with Yan Xin about the work
on telephone.

The yeast RNA solution was diluted on site into 10 mg/ml and stored
in two test tubes.

One was preserved in the Central Analysis Laboratory as the
contrast sample, the other was stored in another lab (100 M away from
the Central Lab) under constant temperature and it received the emitted
qi. The qigong master emitted his qi for several times, each for about
half an hour. Before receiving the emitted qi, the sample was sent to the
Central Lab for testing and comparing with the sample at the same time.
The experimental results are expressed in the follow table.

Sample number 0 1 2 3 max-min
The relative
absorption intensity 66 5 65.1 63.0 61 0 5.5
Absorption (A) 0.200 0.195 0.189 0.183 0.017
Measuring time (hr) 12:00 12:30 15:30 16:00 4

We had measured the initial conditions for many times in 8. 5 hr.
The result indicated at 256 mm the point of maximum absorption, the
value of minimum relative absorption intensity is 65.2, the range of
fluctuation is 1.3 unit. The table here indicates the peak intensity of the sample after qi emission is reduced in comparison with the contrast
sample,and the pochromic effect occurred, but the point of peak
doesn't change.

It needs further study about the structure of the remote distance
effect of the emitted qi and the influence of RNA by it.