Successful practice management

Author: Richard D//Yennie DC
Acupuncture Society of America, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 53 , Word Count: 162

To serve the public with the science of Qigong for health maintenance, disease prevention and the actual treatment of many physical, mental and emotional health problems ranging from high blood pressure to stress reduction.
1. Appropriate location
2. Pleasant-professional physical atmosphere
3. Contact with public. Become visible.
4. Public and patient lectures, demonstrations, education, distribution of appropriate pamphlets
5. For therapeutic services (practice procedure and patient management): •Consultation
•Health Questionnaire (CMIHQ)
•Appropriate examinations (if needed, i.e., pulse, tongue, us, point palpation, etc.
• Treatment schedule Patient responsibility
• Class participation Formula for a successful practice:
•Friendship factor: (bonding & referral tree)
•Build reputation for results with Qigong therapy
•Enthusiasm based on deep conviction and belief in the principles of Qigong science itself
•Self Image - as a true healer in the energetic sciences. The highest level of healing

Practice Analysis for Growth
1. Present position
2. Future practice goals
3. Plans to implement goal achievement
4. Enthusiasm (commitment to patients)
5. Record
6. The only competition you have is to break your own record.