A clinical study on qigong combined with medicine in the treatment of 30 rheumatic heart disease cases

Author: Yang YG
State Qigong Base, Beidaihe, P.R. China
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 52 , Word Count: 81

Thirty cases of rheumatic heart disease with heart failure and atria fibrillation 12 males, 18 females, aged n 10-64) were selected in the study. They were treated by practicing Qigong themselves and external Qi emitted by a Qigong master adopting methods of emitting Qi to the whole and sending negative Qi out of the body with the result that 21 recovered from heart failure and martial fibrillation; 5 improved h markedly, e improved and 1 suffered from a cerebral embolism caused by heart valve embolus drooping.