Qigong - Oriental medicine without medication

Author: Wu Tom//Wu Janet
Wellness Selfcare Center. San Carlos, CA, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 52 , Word Count: 250

In this workshop, the audience will learn the basic foundation to practice Qigong. The basic foundation consists of:

How to cleanse out the toxins from your deep subconscious mind. These toxins are: anger, hate, frustration, unhappiness, stress, emotion... All these poisons can numb the function of the mind and spirit and obstruct the Qi. The Qi will guide the blood and lymph flows in their right tracks, therefore improving their function and improve your health. After knowing the way to cleanse out the toxins. Dr. Wu will show you:

What are the right foods to heal the previous damages? After the damage is repaired, Dr. Wu will teach you the way to increase your mind/spirit power, memory and to prove how powerful the mind will be. Dr. Wu will emit Qi to you so that you can feel Qi Rowing around you and heal you if you desire and know the way to receive it. Finally, Dr. Wu will teach you several simple movements to practice at home in your leisure time, a few minutes at a time. A couple of times a day and one day in the future you'll also be able to emit Qi and heal your family member and friends.

This simple, easy to learn technique only requires the audience to do it regularly, daily as a part of daily life. The Benefit of this special technique is immense: prevent chronic diseases, reduce aches and pain, help insomnia, and help better circulation and rejuvenation.