Treatment of chronic heart failure with digoxin and lasix with acupuncture, meditation and qigong in acute condition

Author: Shinnick Phillip//Freed Simon
New York Medical College, New York, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 49 , Word Count: 193

A longitudinal study of chronic heart failure combining medication (Digoxin, Lasix and short term Vasotex), acupuncture , Zen meditation, and Qigong helped resolve acute symptoms of rapid breathing from fluid in the lungs, nightmares, rapid drop in blood pressure, phlegm accumulation, fluid in the ankles, loss of warmth, drop in respiration expiration volume and restriction of the esophagus from a cancerous tumor. In old age (97 years) an acute condition of these symptoms can be fatal. Resolution provides stable periods of time to resolve issues of death and dying. Detailed daily recording of symptoms and treatment provided a guide for alleviating suffering, prolonging life and improving the quality of life technique with acute chronic heart failure. Immediate changes resulting from drug dosage, acupuncture technique, meditation or Qigong became evident from the daily logs. Acupuncture advanced from alleviating symptoms at specific points to successfully unlocking constriction on the diaphragm and bladder, increasing cervical blood circulation and opening the throat to swallow food. In meditation and Qigong, the symptomotology required changes in standard technique, e.g., (meditation) from watching the breath to long (2-3 hour) periods in the void, and (Qigong) from fixed to specific arm movements.