Psychotherapy & qigong: partners in healing anxiety

Author: Mayer Michael
The Psychotherapy & Healing Center, Berkeley, California, USA.
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 45 , Word Count: 93

Objective: Participants will learn an approach to working with anxiety disorders that integrates qigong with Western psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Dr. Mayer will discuss how he uses these methods in his psychotherapy practice.

Content outline: Integrating Qigong with Modem psychotherapy

I. Overview: Statistics and economics of anxiety treatment
II. My background with Qigong and Psychotherapy
III. Integrated Depth Psychotherapy TM Methodology for Anxiety Reduction: Combining Eastern and Western Methods Transcending versus Transmuting Approaches to Alleviating Anxiety
IV. Qigong Methods for Anxiety Reduction
V. Research on Qigong and Hypertension.
VI. Case examples Illustrating Integrative Approach