A brief introduction to Daoyin qigong

Author: Liu X
Chinese Wushu Association, Beijing, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 44 , Word Count: 138

This exercise is a newly risen medico-exercise for self-keeping fit, with the characteristics of physical education and also the function of Qigong. It is simple, coherent, beautifully shaped, soft and smooth, scientifically based, and self-systematic. It is a brilliant achievement of researching the human body’s mysteries on the basis of many disciplines in natural and social sciences, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, Physiology, Anatomy, Psychology, Philosophy, Aesthetic and Traditional Culture of Wushu, etc. Hence, it is a comprehensive new discipline for the elderly, the middle-aged and those patients of certain diseases to prolong life and regain their health. According to statistics, the overall effect of Daoyin Qigong is above 95.01% among which about 73.97% are obviously effective.

At present, about 4 million people in China practice the exercise. Internationally, 57 countries sent people to Beijing to learn the exercise.