Medical Qi Gong Therapy and Surgery

Author: Johnson Jerry A
The International Qi Gong Institute, Pacific Grove, California, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 42 , Word Count: 221

Medical Qi Gong Therapy is useful for treating patients before, during and after surgery. Qi Extension can be used in order to reduce the patients bleeding, enhance their immune system, minimize infection, strengthen their body and accelerate their recovery rate.

Although Medical Qi Gong Therapy has had incredible results in healing certain diseases, it is not a 'cure-all' and has, as other clinical modalities, its limitations. Undergoing surgery is sometimes unavoidable, and should not be viewed by the patient as defeat, but only as a necessary step in their healing transition. Having to face surgery is not a bad reflection of the Qi Gong Doctor's healing potential, nor the patient’s inability to heal themselves but sometimes inescapable.

Before surgery it is important to consider the relationship that the patients have developed with their own tissues. The Doctor's involvement with the patient and the tissues that are about to be removed are extremely important, as this emotional interaction effects the patient's healing potential. Research has shown that there is conclusive evidence that scar tissue formation is in direct proportion with that of the patient’s emotions surround the surgery. Patients are not only physically connected, but also emotionally attached to their body. This emotional attachment includes any and all organs or areas of their body, which are to be operated on.