Chow Qigong, KHT, good for pain relief

Author: Hole Linda C
Holistic Family Medicine, Spokane, Washington, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 41 , Word Count: 214

Chow Qigong is a powerful form of 'soft' Qigong developed by Effie Chow, RN Ph.D. In our medical practice we use the Chow Qigong set of mind body principles, exercises and applied Qigong for the treatment of pain. We find that Chow Qigong gives immediate and often dramatic results in pain relief.

KHT Koryo Hand Therapy is a powerful acupuncture hand microsystem invented by Tae Woo Yoo OMD PhD. KHT also incorporates the principle that dis-ease originates in the body beyond the body. In our medical practice, we find that KHT likewise consistently gives immediate and dramatic effective results in pain relief.

God simply IS. 'Qi' is the Greek letter 'Chi', or the Cross. Qigong, in the context of God, is breathing in the Christ force healing energy. God also inspires KHT.

For those who are ready, the combination of Chow Qigong KHT and God often provides 'miraculous' results in immediate longstanding pain relief. This approach is especially effective in chronic pain patients who have found little or no relief from other modalities. Belief in Chow Qigong, KHT and/or God is not necessary. This approach frees the patient from dependence on long term therapy and pain medication. Furthermore, this approach empowers the patient--Chow Qigong, KHT and God is all tools the patient.