[Pain management and music therapy].

Author: Hoareau SG1, De Diego E2, Guétin S3.
Conference/Journal: Rev Infirm.
Date published: 2016 Jan
Other: Volume ID: 65 , Issue ID: 217 , Pages: 31-3 , Special Notes: [Article in French] doi: 10.1016/j.revinf.2015.10.025 , Word Count: 79

The benefit of music in the treatment of pain is now recognised. The U sequence is a music therapy technique specifically developed for this purpose. It improves the overall management of pain and facilitates patient support. Its standardised use by caregivers has been made possible thanks to the development of a digital application.
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U sequence:; alternative medicine; douleur; music therapy; musicothérapie; médecine alternative; pain; séquence en U
PMID: 26743370