Author: Zhao Jichen//Peng Donghui////
Conference/Journal: 3rd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 122 , Special Notes: Some tables are only in Chinese abstracts. , Word Count: 499

I. Subject:
There are altogether 213 retired people aged from 45-78. Their average age was 66.8. Among them 110 were males and 103 females, in which there included 66 cases of primary hypertension, 36 cases coronary heart disease, 16 cases, diabetes, 12 cases, cerebrovascular disease sequel, 20 cases, other diseases and 63 healthy people. The control group included 32 healthy males and 28 females.
II. Research content:
According to the general design, the experimental group was tested in physiologic index and clinical index before and after Wang's qigong exercises. The details are as follows. Gerontology: testing biochemical endocrinological index, cardiovascular function, electroencephalograph. (diagram)
Psychological test: testing psychological function and intelligence standard according to the international standard.
III. Research approach were instructed by Prof. Zhao Jichen to do Wang's Qigong about three or four hours per day for one or two months.
The effect of Chinese qigong has long been admitted by more and more people, but its mechanism is still a mystery. The author worked on disclosing the mystery of qigong in multiple scientific items.
1. Studies of the nervous system: When qigong doers enter the state of 'forgetting-me', the testing results of electroencephalograph, electrocardiogram, cardiovascular function show the high order of cerebral cortex, increased cerebral position energy, wave strengthened, high integrity and emptiness of the central nerve. This also causes the response of the cerebellar bottom and flaping sense nerve decreases and reflection of blood vessels reduces. Besides, the neuro-medium, renin, angiotension, dopamine activity becomes weakened, while blood vessels become dilated, capacity of vessels are enlarged, cerebral arteries and coronary arteries blood supply become strengthened. The peripheral resistance is reduced and various system of the body increases its volume of blood flow and metabolism, which keeps the heart, brain, kidneys and blood system in good functional condition.
2. Changes of immunity, endocrinology enzyme and albumen. Sex hormones of the aged qigong doers are often increased. WBC medium has also been increased noticeably after practicing. There is also a great change in super oxide dismutase enzyme. All these show that qigong can regulate the body's metabolism action.
3. Changes of trace elements, small molecular materials and super oxide free radicals. Through the experiment, the elements Zn, Cu and Mn have increased markedly. Besides, Chinese qigong has influence on the second courier--CAMP. When SOD is increased, the clearing rate of super oxide free radical (02) has also been increased. Extra oxide fat LPO is decreased relatively. These changes show that the metabolism in the molecular level is controlled by 'qi' in Chinese medical theory.
4. The clinical manifestations of qigong doers. Wang's qigong has curative effects for most doers and for cases of hypertension, coronary heart disease and cerebral haemorrhage. The effective rate is 72%. (A part of patients did not have reoccurrence in two years when they did qigong without taking medicine. Miraculously, even cases of injury traumatic cervical spondylopathy and old lumbar spondylolis thesis make a good recovery.
5. Psychological and intelligent state: Wang's qigong is proved to keep the aged people energetic by regulating the mind, in the state of forgetting me and enhancing intelligence.