Using outdoor activities in cardiac recovery.

Author: McNish H.
Conference/Journal: Nurs Times.
Date published: 2014 May 7
Other: Volume ID: 110 , Issue ID: 19 , Pages: 12-4 , Word Count: 109

Evidence suggests that green spaces next to hospitals can be used to promote health. This article reports on a pilot study to determine how hospital green spaces can be used for patients with cardiac problems and their rehabilitation programmes. Over a six-week period, patients spent one hour per week taking part in activities, including tai chi, photography and willow sculpting, as part of their rehabilitation programme. Patients showed improved physical health, less social isolation, a better overall mood and increased positivity. They were also more likely to choose to exercise than at the start of the rehabilitation programme, and valued the new skills and knowledge that they gained.
PMID: 24915682