[Influence of music on the quality of life of palliative cancer patients.]

Author: Polt G1, Fink M, Schieder H, Tanzmeister S.
1, WilhelmRaabeGasse 9, 8010, Graz, Österreich, office@dr-polt.at.
Conference/Journal: Wien Med Wochenschr.
Date published: 2014 Apr 11
Other: Special Notes: [Article in German] , Word Count: 132

A small prospective, multicentre study examined the effect of a perceptual acoustic stimulus (music) on quality of life of palliative cancer patients with special reference to pain.14 test subjects (m = 4, w = 10; age 67.6 (SD = 9.7)) in stationary or mobile care situation were included. The current therapy has not been modified.Each subject received a CD with 12 songs, an information folder, a guide to using the CD as well as a questionnaire.The offered music therapy was experienced by all study participants (100 %) as helpful. The effect was seen differently in psychological, physical, spiritual, and social quality of life. The pain was reduced nociable in 11 out of 14 participants.From the experience of the autors we demand to offer and enable music therapy in palliative care to each patient, but also adapt to their individual needs.
PMID: 24723126