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Teja Bell
Throughout his lifetime, Teja Bell has been a committed practitioner of the Dharma and the Dao, integrating qigong, martial arts and healing energy practices.

He is a lifelong practitioner and teacher of Aikido (6th degree black belt) and of Chinese Internal Arts with a special emphasis on the healing and restorative aspects of qigong and meditation.

Roshi Teja Fudo Myoo Bell is a recognized Zen Master from the Rinzai Shu, or Rinzai Zen lineage. As a qigong and dharma teacher he teaches and leads retreats and trainings internationally and is a regular visiting teacher on residential retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where he has taught over 140 retreats since 1999 with many teachers in the Vipassana Insight Meditation tradition, including Jack Kornfield and Robert Hall. He leads annual in-depth study and teacher-training programs and teaches ongoing classes, daylongs, and retreats.

Teja continues to study, practice and teach qigong, healing arts and martial arts with a few select teachers. He teaches classes, daylongs and retreats in qigong, dharma and meditation, Zen, Aikido and non-dual integrative process and embodied leadership.

Teja is committed to the lifelong pursuit and mastery of these evolving teachings and disciplines, and to the ethical and empowering communication and transmission of their essential qualities, for universal benefit.

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Radiant Heart Qigong

Your Radiant Heart extends throughout space.
Kindness and Compassion touches all of life.
All of life is your luminous face.
~ NagaBukko the Snow Leopard

Radiant Heart Qigong is the meditative art of conscious embodiment. It recognizes, honors, cultivates and nourishes the ‘energy’ aspect of our being. Qigong perfectly complements traditional sitting meditation practice and has a long and well-established history connected to contemplative traditions. It is, in fact, a complete meditation system in itself.

Radiant Heart Qigong embraces action and stillness, cultivating:

  • Standing meditation

  • Sitting meditation

  • Supine meditation postures

  • In-motion practices that “presence awareness” through the elements of physical and energetic alignment for well-being and centered-grounded presence and balance in harmony

Radiant Heart Qigong teaches the continuity of meditation in stillness and in motion, using the modalities of:

  • Mindfulness

  • Natural concentration

  • Presence

  • Compassion and Wisdom

About Qigong Dharma

QigongDharma is the confluence of the streams of qigong and meditation – embodiment and insight.  It is a pathway to radiant well-being and lends access to direct knowledge of who we are in the greater sense.  Practicing QigongDharma in this way empowers meditators with calm clear energy, strength and vibrant health – bringing peace to the body, heart and spirit.

Qigong is a dharma teaching in itself. The balance and intersection of stillness and movement find the fullness of expression in Qigong meditation. Well-being, balance and bliss are brought into direct present wakefulness – the ground, the path and the goal of Dharma-based qigong. As these practices of health and longevity have been developed in Taoist and Buddhist environments, the principles of natural balanced being, harmony with nature, compassion, calmness and relaxation are dynamically present. Learning and knowledge are now a matter of direct experience in this meditative endeavor. Healing and transformation are a matter of ‘letting go’ to the luminous intelligence of our true nature. Recognition of our oneness with all that is – is no longer a concept, but an immediate experience that arises simultaneously with our normal awareness.

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Training Program 

In-depth training includes immersive study and practice of Radiant Heart Qigong together with an integral approach to meditation and mindfulness that is unique and genuinely transformative. Potential for RHQ Teacher/Guide certification – beginning at Level 1, is available along with the in-depth training. The training focuses on developing the skills for creating, preserving, and maintaining health and well-being and opens the doorway for authentic spiritual insight as compassionate and wise living.