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The role of Fröhlich’s coherent excitations in cancer transformation of cells Pokorný J. In: Hyland GJ, Rowlands P, editors. Herbert Fröhlich, FRS: A Physicist Ahead of his Time. Liverpool, UK: The University of Liverpool 2006 VIEW
The Role of Telomere Biology in Cancer. Xu L, Li S, Stohr BA. Annu Rev Pathol. 2012 Aug 28 VIEW
The role of telomere shortening in somatic stem cells and tissue aging: lessons from telomerase model systems. Tümpel S, Rudolph KL. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2012 Aug VIEW
The role of telomeres and telomerase in stem cell aging. Flores I, Blasco MA. FEBS Lett. 2010 Aug 2 VIEW
The role of telomeres in the ageing of human skin. Buckingham EM, Klingelhutz AJ. Exp Dermatol. 2011 Mar 3 VIEW
The role of the host microbiome in autism and neurodegenerative disorders and effect of epigenetic procedures in the brain functions Bahman Yousefi1, Parviz Kokhaei2, Fatemeh Mehranfar3, Aisa Bahar4, Anna Abdolshahi5, Alireza Emadi6, Majid Eslami7 Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2021 Nov 3 VIEW
The Role of the Vagus Nerve in Cancer Prognosis: A Systematic and a Comprehensive Review. De Couck M1,2, Caers R3,4, Spiegel D5, Gidron Y1,6 J Oncol. 2018 Jul 2 VIEW
The roles of Inflammation, Affect, and interoception in predicting social perception Mallory J Feldman1, Tatum A Jolink2, Gabriella M Alvarez2, Nicholas J Fendinger3, Monica M Gaudier-Diaz2, Kristen A Lindquist2, Keely A Muscatell4 Brain Behav Immun 2023 May 30 VIEW
The telomere complex and the origin of the cancer stem cell A Torres-Montaner1,2 Biomark Res 2021 Nov 4 VIEW
The Telomere-Associated TZAP Protein Limits Telomere Length. [No authors listed] Cancer Discov. 2017 Feb 17 VIEW
The Therapeutic Effects of Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture on Cancer-related Symptoms and Side-Effects Qiu-Qin Han1,2,3, Yi Fu1,2,3, Jia-Mei Le1,2,3, Yu-Jie Ma1,2,3, Xin-Dong Wei1,2,3, Hou-Lin Ji1,2,3, Haochen Jiang4,5, Yueqiu Gao4,5, Hailong Wu1,2,3 J Cancer 2021 Oct 11 VIEW
The United States department of energy and national institutes of health collaboration: medical care advances via discovery in physical sciences Cynthia Keppel1, Andrew Weisenberger1, Tatjana Atanasijevic Contractor2, Shumin Wang2, George Zubal2, Jeffrey Buchsbaum3, Martin Brechbiel Emeritus3, Jacek Capala3, Freddy Escorcia3, Ceferino Obcemea3, Amber Boehnlein4, Graham Heyes4, Philip Bourne5, Simon Cherry6, Eric Colby7, Georges El Fakhri8, Jehanne Gillo9, Robert Gropler10, Paul Gueye11, Georgia Tourassi12, Steve Peggs13, Craig Woody14 Med Phys 2023 Jan 27 VIEW
The use of acupuncture for managing gynaecologic conditions: An overview of systematic reviews. Kang HS, Jeong D, Kim DI, Lee MS. Maturitas. 2011 Mar 2 VIEW
The use of healing touch in integrative oncology. Hart LK, Freel MI, Haylock PJ, Lutgendorf SK. Clin J Oncol Nurs. 2011 Oct 1 VIEW
The use of healing touch in integrative oncology. Hart LK, Freel MI, Haylock PJ, Lutgendorf SK. Clin J Oncol Nurs. 2011 Oct 1 VIEW
The Use of Natural Agents to Counteract Telomere Shortening: Effects of a Multi-Component Extract of <i>Astragalus mongholicus</i> Bunge and Danazol. Guinobert I1, Blondeau C1, Colicchio B2, Oudrhiri N3, Dieterlen A2, Jeandidier E4, Deschenes G5, Bardot V1, Cotte C1, Ripoche I6, Carde P7, Berthomier L6, M'Kacher R8 Biomedicines. 2020 Feb 12 VIEW
The Use of Skin Surface Electropotentials for Breast Cancer Detection-Preliminary Clinical Trial Results Obtained Using the Biofield Diagnostic System. Vinitha Sree S, Ng EY, Kaw G, U RA, Chong BK. J Med Syst. 2009 Aug 8 VIEW
The Vagus Nerve Can Predict and Possibly Modulate Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases: Introducing a Neuroimmunological Paradigm to Public Health. Gidron Y1, Deschepper R2, De Couck M3,4, Thayer JF5, Velkeniers B6 J Clin Med. 2018 Oct 19 VIEW
The Western model of integrative oncology - the contribution of Chinese medicine. Dobos GJ, Kirschbaum B, Choi KE. Chin J Integr Med. 2012 Sep VIEW
Theory and Practice of Comprehensive Qigong Anti-Cancer Therapy He B First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness 2001 VIEW
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