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Title Author Author Affiliation Journal Date
Tai Chi may be more effective for improving fibromyalgia symptoms than aerobic exercise. Ostrovsky DA Explore (NY). 2018 Aug 6 VIEW
Minding the Mind-Body Literature: Aging and Cognitive Decline. Wayne PM, Yeh G, Mehta DH J Altern Complement Med. 2018 Mar VIEW
Decline in sensorimotor systems explains reduced falls self-efficacy. Pauelsen M1, Vikman I2, Johansson Strandkvist V3, Larsson A4, Röijezon U5 J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2018 Jul 9 VIEW
Indirect Music Therapy Practice and Skill-Sharing in Dementia Care. McDermott O1, Ridder HM2, Baker FA3, Wosch T4, Ray K5, Stige B6 J Music Ther. 2018 Jul 20 VIEW
Effects of Music Intervention on the Physical and Mental Status of Patients with Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wang X1, Zhang Y1, Fan Y2,3,4, Tan XS5, Lei X2,3,4 Breast Care (Basel). 2018 Jul VIEW
Association between Physical Exercise and Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress among Middle-Aged and Elderly Community Residents with Essential Hypertension in China. Yu Y1,2, Gao Q1,2, Xia W3, Zhang L4, Hu Z2, Wu X3, Jia X3 Biomed Res Int. 2018 Jul 3 VIEW
Heart rate and thermal responses to power yoga. Schubert MM1, Clark AS2, De La Rosa AB2, Newcomer SC2 Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2018 Aug VIEW
The language of music: Common neural codes for structured sequences in music and natural language. Chiang JN1, Rosenberg MH1, Bufford CA1, Stephens D2, Lysy A2, Monti MM3 Brain Lang. 2018 Aug 4 VIEW
Mechanisms of Action of Kefir in Chronic Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases. Pimenta FS1, Luaces-Regueira M2, Ton AM1, Campagnaro BP1, Campos-Toimil M2, Pereira TM1,3, Vasquez EC1 Cell Physiol Biochem. 2018 Aug 9 VIEW
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for patients with chronic, treatment-resistant depression: A pragmatic randomized controlled trial. Cladder-Micus MB1,2,3, Speckens AEM3, Vrijsen JN2,4, T Donders AR5, Becker ES1, Spijker J1,2 Depress Anxiety. 2018 Aug 8 VIEW
Intervention fidelity in Qigong randomized controlled trials: A method review. Chang PS1, Chao AM2, Jang M3, Lu YYF4 Geriatr Nurs. 2018 Aug 6 VIEW
Which Facets of Mindfulness Protect Individuals from the Negative Experiences of Obsessive Intrusive Thoughts? Emerson LM1, Heapy C1, Garcia-Soriano G2 Mindfulness (N Y). 2018 VIEW
Investigating the Specific Effects of an Online Mindfulness-Based Self-Help Intervention on Stress and Underlying Mechanisms. Gu J1, Cavanagh K1, Strauss C1,2 Mindfulness (N Y). 2018 VIEW
A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of the Effects of Meditation on Empathy, Compassion, and Prosocial Behaviors. Luberto CM1,2, Shinday N3, Song R4, Philpotts LL5, Park ER1,2, Fricchione GL1,2, Yeh GY3 Mindfulness (N Y). 2018 Jun VIEW
Heart rate variability as a marker of healthy ageing. Tan JPH1, Beilharz JE1, Vollmer-Conna U1, Cvejic E2 Int J Cardiol. 2018 Aug 3 VIEW
The Effects of Tai Chi on Lower Limb Proprioception in Adults Aged Over 55: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zou L1, Han J2, Li C3, Yeung A4, Hui SS5, Tsang WWN6, Ren Z7, Wang L7 Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2018 Aug 17 VIEW
Cognition and brain function in elderly Tai Chi practitioners: A case-control study. Port AP1, Santaella DF2, Lacerda SS1, Speciali DS1, Balardin JB1, Lopes PB1, Afonso RF1, Radvany J1, Amaro E Jr1, Kozasa EH1 Explore (NY). 2018 Jul 20 VIEW
Acupuncture (PDQ®): Health Professional Version. PDQ Integrative, Alternative, and Complementary Therapies Editorial Board Acupuncture (PDQ®): Health Professional Version 2018 Aug 18 VIEW
Somatosensory deficits. Klingner CM1, Witte OW2 Handb Clin Neurol. 2018 VIEW
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for bipolar disorder: A systematic review. Lovas DA1, Schuman-Olivier Z2 J Affect Disord. 2018 Jul 6 VIEW
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