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Nonpharmacologic Therapies in Patients With Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis Claudia C Dobler, Allison S Morrow, Magdoleen H Farah, Bradley Beuschel, Abdul M Majzoub, Michael E Wilson, Bashar Hasan, Mohamed O Seisa, Lubna Daraz, Larry J Prokop, M Hassan Murad, Zhen Wang Mayo Clinic proceedings 2020 Jun VIEW
Limitations on electromagnetic communication by vibrational resonances in biological systems Kyle A Thackston1, Dimitri D Deheyn2, Daniel F Sievenpiper1 Phys Rev E 2020 Jun VIEW
Exercise, Brain Plasticity, and Depression Jin-Lei Zhao, Wan-Ting Jiang, Xing Wang, Zhi-Dong Cai, Zu-Hong Liu, Guo-Rong Liu CNS neuroscience 2020 Jun 3 VIEW
Trait and State Interoceptive Abnormalities Are Associated With Dissociation and Seizure Frequency in Patients With Functional Seizures Akihiro Koreki, Sarah N Garfkinel, Marco Mula, Niruj Agrawal, Sarah Cope, Talia Eilon, Cassandra Gould Van Praag, Hugo D Critchley, Mark Edwards, Mahinda Yogarajah Epilepsia 2020 Jun 5 VIEW
Mindful Medical Practice: An Innovative Core Course to Prepare Medical Students for Clerkship Tom A Hutchinson, Stephen Liben Perspect Med Educ 2020 Jun 5 VIEW
Toward a Refined Mindfulness Model Related to Consciousness and Based on ERP Charles Verdonk, Marion Trousselard, Frédéric Canini, Francois Vialatte, Céline Ramdani Perspect Psychol Sci 2020 Jun 8 VIEW
Tai Chi Exercise for Psychological Well-Being Among Adults With Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Ruth E Taylor-Piliae, Brooke A Finley Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2020 Jun 9 VIEW
Mindfulness-based Interventions for the Improvement of Well-Being in People With Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Sara Carletto, Cesare Cavalera, Isabel Sadowski, Marco Rovaris, Martina Borghi, Bassam Khoury, Luca Ostacoli, Francesco Pagnini Psychosom Med 2020 Jun 12 VIEW
Effects of Wheelchair Tai Chi Ball Exercise on Physical and Mental Health and Functional Abilities Among Elderly With Physical Disability Yong Tai Wang, Chung-Hyun Goh, Ting Liao, Xuanliang Neil Dong, Gloria Duke, Danita Alfred, Yi Yang, Jingle Xu, Shiqi Yu Res Sports Med 2020 Jun 16 VIEW
Do Interoceptive Accuracy and Interoceptive Sensibility Predict Emotion Regulation? Stephanie A Schuette, Nancy L Zucker, Moria J Smoski Psychol Res 2020 Jun 16 VIEW
Individualized Whole-Body Vibration: Neuromuscular, Biochemical, Muscle Damage and Inflammatory Acute Responses Riccardo Di Giminiani1, Nadia Rucci1, Lorenzo Capuano1, Marco Ponzetti1, Federica Aielli2, Jozsef Tihanyi3 Dose Response 2020 June 29 VIEW
Role of the central autonomic nervous system intrinsic functional organisation and psychosocial factors in primary microvascular angina and Takotsubo syndrome Magdalena Maria Cattaneo1 2, Emanuele Pravatà3, Micol Provenzi4, Marco Moccetti5, Alain Kaelin3, Isabella Sudano6, Luigi Biasucci7, Camilla Gallino8, Costanzo Limoni9, Carlo Calanchini10, Augusto Gallino8 11, Filippo Crea7, Mattia Cattaneo5 8 Open Heart 2020 Jul VIEW
Heart Rate Variability as an Index of Differential Brain Dynamics at Rest and After Acute Stress Induction Tara Chand1 2 3 4 , Meng Li2 4 , Hamidreza Jamalabadi1 4 , Gerd Wagner2 , Anton Lord4 5 , Sarah Alizadeh1 4 , Lena V Danyeli2 4 6 , Luisa Herrmann1 2 4 , Martin Walter1 2 3 4 6 , Zumrut D Sen1 2 4 Front Neurosci 2020 Jul 2 VIEW
Qigong for Drug Addiction Michael D Acupuncture Today 2002 VIEW
Safety and effectiveness of a Tai Chi-based cardiac rehabilitation programme for chronic coronary syndrom patients: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial Jing Ma#1, Jian Wei Zhang#2, Hua Li3, Lian Shan Zhao4, Ai Ying Guo3, Zai Hao Chen5, Wen Yuan5, Tian Ming Gao2, Ya Meng Li2, Cui Han Li5, Hong Wei Wang2, Bo Song2, Yu Long Lu2, Mei Ze Cui2, Qiu Yang Wei2, Shao Jun Lyu6, Heng Chan Yin6 BMJ Open 2020 Jul 5 VIEW
Magnetic Fields Modulate Metabolism and Gut Microbiome in Correlation With Pgc-1α Expression: Follow-up to an in Vitro Magnetic Mitohormetic Study Yee Kit Tai, Charmaine Ng, Kristy Purnamawati, Jasmine Lye Yee Yap, Jocelyn Naixin Yin, Craig Wong, Bharati Kadamb Patel, Poh Loong Soong, Pawel Pelczar, Jürg Fröhlich, Christian Beyer, Charlene Hui Hua Fong, Sharanya Ramanan, Marco Casarosa, Carmine Pasquale Cerrato, Zi Ling Foo, Rina Malathi Pannir Selvan, Elina Grishina, Ufuk Degirmenci, Shi Jie Toh, Pete J Richards, Ali Mirsaidi, Karin Wuertz-Kozak, Suet Yen Chong, Stephen J Ferguson, Adriano Aguzzi, Monica Monici, Lei Sun, Chester L Drum, Jiong-Wei Wang, Alfredo Franco-Obregón FASEB J 2020 Jul 6 VIEW
Meditation Alters Representations of Peripersonal Space: Evidence From Auditory Evoked Potentials Viet Han H Nguyen1, Shannon B Palmer1, Jacob S Aday2, Christopher C Davoli2, Emily K Bloesch3 Conscious Cogn 2020 Jul 7 VIEW
The Social Nature of Mitochondria: Implications for Human Health Martin Picard1 , Carmen Sandi2 Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2020 Jul 8 VIEW
A Multidimensional and Multi-Feature Framework for Cardiac Interoception Sol Fittipaldi, Sofía Abrevaya, Alethia de la Fuente, Guido Orlando Pascariello, Eugenia Hesse, Agustina Birba, Paula Salamone, Malin Hildebrandt, Sofía Alarco Martí, Ricardo Marcos Pautassi, David Huepe, Miquel Martorell Martorell, Adrián Yoris, María Roca, Adolfo M García, Lucas Sedeño, Agustín Ibáñez NeuroImage 2020 July 15 VIEW
Gut microbiota composition modulates inflammation and structure of the vagal afferent pathway J S Kim1, R A Kirkland1, S H Lee1, C R Cawthon1, K W Rzepka2, D M Minaya2, G de Lartigue3, K Czaja2, Cb de La Serre4 Physiol Behav 2020 Jul 16 VIEW
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