iHeartLift: A closed loop system with bio-feedback that uses music tempo variability to improve heart rate variability.

Author: Ho TC, Chen X.
Conference/Journal: Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc.
Date published: 2011 Aug
Other: Volume ID: 2011 , Pages: 1181-4 , Word Count: 162

"Musica delenit bestiam feram" translates into "Music soothes the savage beast". There is a hidden truth in this ancient quip passed down from generations. Besides soothing the heart, it also incites the heart to a healthier level of heart rate variability (HRV). In this paper, an approach to use and test music and biofeedback to increase the heart rate variability for people facing daily stress is discussed. By determining the music tempo variability (MTV) of a piece of music and current heart rate variability, iHeartLift is able to compare the 2 trends and locate a musical piece that is suited to increase the user's heart rate variability to a healthier level. With biofeedback, the 2 trends are continuously compared in real-time and the musical piece is changed in accordance with the current comparisons. A study was conducted and it was generally found that HRV can be uplifted by music regardless of language and meaning of musical lyrics but with limitations to musical genre.
PMID: 22254526