New insights on pathogenesis and Prognosis of Breast Cancer---An Investigation from the TCM Perspective

Author: Ni Yongli
International Traditional Chinese Medicine Exchange Association and TCM Center
Conference/Journal: Whole Person Health Summit, 2nd Qigong Summit
Date published: 2005
Other: Pages: 57 , Word Count: 110

To assess the association between changes in meridian channel Qi-energy and the onset and prospects of breast cancer, and to evaluate the effect of acupuncture on the prognosis of breast cancer treatment. More than 250 breast cancer patients' test data showed certain patterns of the meridian stagnation that were found to be associated with hormonal disorder and gene mutation in breast cancer patients. The data also showed that an imbalance of certain meridians is correlated with the anatomical location and the invasive behavior of the tumor. Qi or energy may contribute to the pathogenesis of the breast cancer: acupuncture would be an important treatment on the breast cancer prevention and treatment.