Effects of Sanyinjiao (SP6) with electroacupuncture on labour pain in women during labour.

Author: Ma W, Bai W, Lin C, Zhou P, Xia L, Zhao C, Hao Y, Ma H, Liu X, Wang J, Yuan H, Xie Y, Lu A.
Beijing University of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing 100029, China.
Conference/Journal: Complement Ther Med.
Date published: 2011 Jan
Other: Pages: 19S1:S13-S18 , Word Count: 203

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of Sanyinjiao (SP6) with electroacupuncture on labour pain in women during the labour process.

METHODS: A total of 350 women in labour from three centres were randomly divided into the electroacupuncture group (acupuncture group), the sham electroacupuncture group (sham group) and the control group. Women in labour in the electroacupuncture group received the electroacupuncture on the point Sanyinjiao (SP6). The analgesic effect was self-rated by women in labour, using visual analogue scale (VAS). The duration and paralysis time of uterine contraction, uterine contraction regularity, degree of cervical extension, presentation of foetal descent, the condition of intra-partum haemorrhage and postpartum haemorrhage, labour manner, lochia, involution of uterus, milk secretion, neonate Apgar Score and neonate body height and weight were also measured. All data were analysed with Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) 12.0.

RESULTS: Labour pain scores from women in the acupuncture group were less than in the control group at needle retaining at 30min, 2 and 4h after needle withdrawal. Other evaluated indices did not show significant differences among the three groups. No adverse events were observed during the labour process.

CONCLUSION: SP6 with electroacupuncture could be an effective way for decreasing labour pain.

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PMID: 21195290