Effect of qigong waiqi (emitted qi) on the growth and differentiation of implanted tumor cells (in mice)

Author: Shao Xiangmin 1//Liu Guanchan 1//Zhou Qijing 1//Yu Fanger 1//Xu Hefen 2//Xue Huiling 2//Zhang Changming 2//Wu Kang 3
Dept Pathology, Naval Medical College, Nanjing, China [1] //Jiangsu Provincial Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, China [2] //Chassis Plant, Nanjing Automobile Factory, Nanjing, China [3]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 85 , Word Count: 253

The pathological changes of morphology in the mice with implanted S180 sarcoma treated with qigong were observed by light and electronic microscopy, and the changes in the numbers of nucleolar organizing regions (NOR) in the sarcoma were investigated using the argyrophil (Ag-NOR) technique. It was shown that in the treated mice sarcoma, the averaged diameters of cells and nuclei, the ratio of nucleus to cytoplasm and the number of tumor cells division phase and Ag-NOR counts in nuclei all were much less than those in the control one (P<0.001). We also found that in treated mice, a great number of sarcoma cells showed atrophy, degeneration, and pyknosis or karyolysis, especially some membrane structure such as mitochondria showed heavy injury appearance. Some of well differentiated sarcoma cells had more regular shape of nuclear and richer organelles except polyribosomes. The microville on the surface of sarcoma cells decreased, while the sinousoid structure increased comparing with the control. Marked infiltration of lymphocytes and macrophages which contained rich lysosomes and pseudopodium was seen in the stroma of tumor. Some tumor cells were surrounded by macrophages and lymphocytes like 'star appearance.'

It was suggested that qigong waiqi could promote the tumor cell to normal division, inhibit their growth and hyperplasia and cause their degeneration and death. Some reasons for the effects of qigong were discussed in this paper. It was shown that the quantitation of staining for NOR is an useful diagnostical method in judging the grade of cancers and distinguishing between benign and malignant tumors.