Yoga treatment of diabetes

Author: Carl HM
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 352 , Word Count: 1413

Diabetes is a long and popular disease which several millions of people bears the disease rates in developed countries are higher than that of undeveloped counties, disease rates of cities are higher than that of countryside.
The higher disease had been clearly mentioned in ancients classics of Egypt, Roman, China and India the disease are not limited by age, but the more are that diseases begin after 30 years old, women are more apt to get disease than men.
In the sixth century in India did V.S salars call the disease ' sweat urine n or n sugar urine n among the people. The treatments of this disease are different in each countries. J.C. Purrunair pointed out first in 1982 that pancreas was necessary for organism to fully use carbohydrate. Physician Colly pointed out in 1878 the close relation ship between pancreas and diabetes. Mailiyer and Kouwa discovered that a dog with pancreas cut off got in fact nearly same symptoms of diabetes patients. Surgeon F. Lantee discovered in Canada in 1921 that some content of pancreas can be manufactured , when the content was injected, diabetes may be cured with what was called by charles and him 'insulin', they achieved the Nobel Reward in 1923 for this contribution. If pancreas can not bring about enough insulin and body can not bring about energy by using Sugar, it-will cause the chaos of physiological and chemical functions and the physiological derangement, the following symptoms may occur: frequent micturition, extreme thirsty, loss of weight, dimness of vision, general debility, cutaneous itch, disease in kidney and etc. Not paying much attention to early diabetes may cause hypertension and disease in kidney. As a law of diabetes, the cases developed relatively slow except for youth and even did not be sensed so as to lead to uremia, emesis, acoria and coma, the urine analysis of physiological detection provided the early diagnosis of diabetes. The total amount of blood sugar under the reliable normal state was the important judgement of diabetes, acetone bodies in urine was considered as a result of over loss of fat, this was a signal of acidosis and coma, which was considered to be brought about by acetone.
Unsuitable treatments of frequently occurring disease of diabetes are quite dangerous , which may bring about decrease of vision , skin infection, to ulcerate , kidney disease, and especially heart disease of arteriosclerosis. what is more dangerous is that frequently --occurring diseases of coma of diabetes occur unconsciously, which behaviour loss of appetite, quick decrease of urine and amount of urine -sugar and constipation or diarrhea and etc. the first state is general debility rather than coma, patients breathe with difficulty, a flavour odour is scattered from breathing and skin . Some of then work for 20 years during the course of diabetes, when the disease are under the development they may die. With the society development and the improvement of living conditions ,.the obesity has become a dangerous factor of keeping health all over the world, several millions of people are bearing the pain of this kind of disease whenever how old they are the treatment of diabetes is obviously of important In the medical therapy systems, the work done is the correction by injecting insulin for patients to compensate the shortage of insulin caused by pancreas. But in Yoga system, it depends on external action on improving constitution without any medicine, patients look after themselves, relying on what they hare understood and habits . yoga therapy includes two aspects: A yoga drinks and food, B Yoga method.
A: Yoga controls drinks and food under the considerations of reasons of diabetes. In the second world war, the supply of specified quantity was forced to be in use for 5 years in Britain, what was out of prediction was that patients of diabetes rapidly decreased, the reason why was the food limit of sugar and carbohydrate. If patients of diabetes eat synthetic and sweat food without sugar the sugar in urine will not be increased in the treatment of yoga therapy of drinks and food should patients avoid the fried, Fat and sugar and favour starch included food for 5 months at the beginning of yoga method, patients of diabetes needn't obtain rice, potato , banana, grape orange, mango and other fruits including much sugar. They may get one apple, fresh fruit, and tomato, can freely eat lemonade, can eat a few of fishes, eggs without the in crease of chicken and meat. What they eat should be limited as much as possible and like in the normal state. If any chaos of drinks and fords take place , they will not get coma, being based on the proportional amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate. The serious condition is hypoglycemia for patients of diabetes, because insulin is overdue eaten, foods are sacked in under the delay or much less, unsuitable force, nervous tension, diarrhea, menstrual and infection will cause the early symptoms of diabetes, sudden hungry, fatigue, insomnia, red or white face with spirit anxious and pulse acceleration are all worthy to pay much attention to.
Food amount and sorts are exactly controlled in yoga foods.
B: The key problem for diabetes is that to restore the functions of pancreas , the selection of proper body position is under the first consideration to restor the normal function of endocrine system, Position exercises should be easy and simple to study. following are 6 kinds of yoga methods to cure diseases:
1. Prone position: curve knees and lift legs up, clap foot with hands, breathe in yoga way of breathing in and out, stretch legs straight, make head near-ankles keep the position for several seconds, put down legs and keep the prone position.
2. Sit on the ground, stretch less straight, curving the right leg, left the right foot over the left leg, put the right foot on the ground, clap the first toe of right foot with the left hand, put the left arm in the front of the right knee, with the right hand supporting on the ground for several seconds. In the other side, It is the same. Pay attention to the direction of spinal column in the exercise.
3. First step: stretch straight two arms, put them down at the two sides in the side way, put two hands on the ground, breathe in yoga way, then breathe out slowly and lift legs upright with two hands supporting the body weight on the ground, gently put legs behind head with toes on the ground for several seconds. second step: stretch foot far away from head for several seconds with natural breathing. Third step: Set two hands on the back of neck with fingers across, stretch foot far away with no force for several seconds.
Turn back to the original position .
4. Throw oneself on knees, make knees separate, put fingers backward to foot, support body with hands on the ground just take two elbows below the navel, decline the head forward on the ground. Stretch foot backward, lift the head and foot, make body parallel to the earth, support the weight by arms as long as possible.
Relax and lie in the abdomen, pay attention to gesture and natural breathing.
5. sit up between two foot on the ground, clap foot with hands, make body decline backward, support the body with elbows until head and back are on the ground, put hands on the back of neck , carry out yoga breathing, relax the whole body, keep the position for a long time pat attention to solar plexus, (Sit up with the support of elbows , stretch legs and fully relax.
6. Prone position with full relaxation: complete the inhalation of yoga method, breathe out slowly, lift up legs and upright, carve elbows support legs and hips with arms, make mandibular joint near the chest, learn abdominal breathing keep the comfortable position for a long time, pay attention to the thyroid.
The gesture training seems very easy but it is really difficult to do, some technique is needed and also good constitution, but it is certain that it will be finished through the progressive exercise. Most patients needed 6--8 months treatments by yoga therapy in Patanjali Institute of diabetes treatment by yoga in India . Here were there many physical therapy and yoga science institutes. Different treatments were given to different patients of diabetes in Bangalore Physical Therapy and Yoga Science Institute, where it was proved that the treatments of diabetes and breathlessness were successful. A regular gesture ( Asans ) and exact food rules make patients of diabetes get recovery.