Theoretical Discussion of Qigong Therapy in Treating Diabetes

Author: Jin D
Qigong Research Association of Siping City, Jinlin Pro., China
Conference/Journal: Qigong Science Journal of China
Date published: 1996
Other: Volume ID: 12 , Pages: 21-23 , Word Count: 95

The study begins with the limitation of the current treatments of diabetes, and then points out that besides the pathological changes, psychological problem and the problems related to physical strength should be put into consideration, too. Qigong, as a treating method, can help to regulate frame of mind, to activate physical energy. Especially, Qigong with its dirigation of abdominal respiration is supplementary to the heart’s function of circulate blood. And pressing Jingming acupoint with Qigong helps to reduce the frequency of micturition, esp. at night.
Conclusion: Qigong is an effective complimentary treatment for diabetics.