The analysis of treatment of gallstone by emitted qi

Author: Wang Dazhi 1//Zhao Jiangxing 1//Chen Kunsong 1//Ma Kequan 2//Zhou Guien 3//Lu Jiang 3//Mao Zhenwei 3//Shong Jiwei 4
Material Dept of U.S.T.C., China [1] //B-Mode Ultrasound Room of the Hospital of U.S.T. C., China [2] //Analysis Center of Component and Composition [3] //The Research Center of Qigong of Shen Zhen University, China [4]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 121 , Word Count: 615

We monitor the treatment of gall stone patients for who pi was sent by Shong Jiwei, qigong expert of the QiGong Research Center of Shen Zhen University, by alska SSD-210 dx b-MODE Ultrasound whose probe frequency is 3.5 MHz; and analyzed the component and composition of the gallstone samples from the feces of the patients in treatment through washing method, by microscope, FTIR Spectrometer of Model Nicolet 5 DI, Rotating Anode X-ray Diffractometer of D/Max-rA, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer of BF-320, Hitachi Z-650 Scanning Electron Microscope.

30 cases, 11 male and 19 female, were in the experimental group. The oldest is 62 years old, and the youngest is 11 years old. The period of treatment is 10 days. Each one was treated one time (about 3-5 minutes) both in the morning and in the afternoon separately.

After two or three day's treatment, vary kinds of gallstones were found in the feces of 28 patients from 30 by washing the feces (the efficient rate is 93%). The gallstones, which have different amount, are in the shapes of tiny sand, layer, lump, pellet. They have colors of black, yellow, brown, white, etc. Any medicine is stopped during the treatment, the patients have the feelings of abdominal distention, secret anguish, partly coolness, qi spinning, or contain, in their ribs, during the emitting treatment .After 10 day's treatment, most patients had got rid of the unwell of abdominal pain, dislike of oil, etc. The appetite and sleepiness are also improved.

Among 28 patients ,15 were selected to be monitored by B-mode ultrasound before and after treatment separately. The echo cluster, the constriction function and the enlarged gall bladder wall of 12 patients were improved. There was one patient whose gall stone echo cluster had no change, and one patient whose echo cluster was larger than ever.

Having studied 5 patients' b-mode Ultrasound dynamic observations of emitted qi on removing the gall stone, we found, when emitted qi is sent to the patients, their bile-cyst galls constricted to different extent, and bile duct enlarged.

The gall stone appears to the shapes of honeycomb and little warm under the microscope. Power Crystal diffraction of X-ray showed that there are two kinds of gall stones Crystal state gall stone and non-crystal state gall stones. A lot of crystal state gall stones are cholesterol polycrystal. Infra-red absorption curve shows a comparative good classify. Judging from the peaks at 2926, 1737 and 1245 cm(super-1), we confirm that there is lecithin in most of the samples. The wide and strong peak at 1040 cm(super-1) of Si04 tetrahedron is also found in most of the samples. The component analysis of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer indicates there are Ca, Si, Al, Zn, P, S etc, heavy elements. The determination of worm-like gall stone of electron probe shows that there is only a few calcium in the whole appearance of gall stone except in some abdominal points which exist a mount of silicon. Besides, there is no other heavy element. The electron microscope forms of gall stones are of smooth surface and fold, like little worms, this kind of stones may form from the dead body of parasite which acts as a core.

The experiments shows that there are many advantages of painless, short time and high efficiency to use emitted qi to remove gallstone for the patients. It's nature may be, at the effect of the body field of qigong expert, the enstrong constriction movement of gall bladder; the lysis and elimination of the convulsion of gall bladder, bile passage sphincter and gall bladder wall. We believe that it is a new convenient efficient conservative treatment to use emitted qi to remove gall stones. It's long period effect needs further observance. The further researches of emitted qi on removing galls tone are expected to be advanced.