LiuZhou Model of Collective Qigong Anti-Cancer Therapy

Author: Liao Y
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 32 , Word Count: 267

In addition to the intensive anti-cancer Qigong class, as described by master Binhui He, we have also developed a different model of Qigong therapy for overcoming cancer - NiuZhou Model. Niuzhou is a city in Guangxi, there those recovered Qigong students of cancer organized other local cancer patients to practice medical Qigong in the city Island Park everyday, rain or shine, therefore, formed a strong therapeutic Qi field in the park. In the past 7 years more than 700 cancer patients have participated in the daily Qigong practice and frequent seminars and workshops, many of them completely recovered without even seeing Qigong master.

The key elements of the successful collective Qigong anti-cancer therapy include: Attitude Change (Psychotherapy): Turn traditional searching help outside into searching help inside - It is the immune function and self-healing power that cure cancer eventually! Dispel Fear of Cancer: Fear-of-cancer effect is the real incurable disease, since it keeps patient stressed and lowers their immune functions. Instead, consider cancer part of the body, communicate with it by consciousness power, and eliminate the source leading to cancer in the first place. Intensive Qigong Practice: Empty mind without desire, forget about disease, trouble, environment and self; rapidly stimulate immune functions and body potential by intensive Qigong practice or Qi cultivation. Collective Qi Cultivation and Adjustment: Group practice of Five-Element Medical Qigong to form a strong Qi field and to strengthen the inhibitory effect of the Qi cultivation.

Niuzhou Model has won the support from local public and government, and expanded the social benefits of Qigong anti-cancer therapy, which offers a new direction for promoting Qigong anti-cancer therapy.