Comprehensive treatment of teenagers' shortsightedness

Author: Ke Heng
802, 91 Ti 83 Da Yuan, 83, Airport Xi Le Jia Rd. Guangzhou 510400
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 169-170 , Word Count: 383

Since the founding of the Yi Yuan Qigong Institute more than 4000
persons of shortsightedness have been treated. The effective rate is 100% and the curative rate is 54.5% (Vision reaches 1. 5%). 85-90% of vision reaches over 1. O. No satisfactory effect accounts for 10-15%. In general the social efficacy is high.

We have developed a series of Qigong techniques to deal with
shortsightedness, including self-training, Qigong digital pressure and massage.

Treatment Focused on Three Aspects:

Reinforcing the liver, kidney and spleen to treat the root cause, to improve the physical condition
Clearing away stagnation setting bones and invigorating muscles and tendons, to dredge meridians, promote Qi and blood circulation and good vision
Caring of eyes and keeping fit

Care of you eyes and pay attention to eye health and hygiene and Qigong
exercise to balance yin and yang to cultivate one's own self-control and
self-adjustment and self-defense to counteract diseases.

To achieve the above goal the following ten methods are adopted:

Dispelling: Gentle strike the head to get rid of evils - the basis of treatment.

Dredging: Use Qigong digital pressure to dredge Fengfu (DU 16), Fengchi (GB 20),Dazhui (DU 14), Yuzhen (BL 9) and to ascend Qi and blood to the brain and nourish the eyes.

Emitting Qi: Emit Qi to the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae to nourish the vision nerves and the central fovea of the yellow spot.

Directing Qi to Eyes: Direct the emitted Qi to eyes and make eyeballs move around to relax the ciliary muscle and regulate the eyeballs to correct refraction and shortsightedness,

Digital pressure: Apply Qigong digital pressure to the acupoints around the eyes to remove facial spasm and regulate facial nerves.

Dredging: Dredge meridians to promote smooth circulation of Qi and blood.

Removing Evils: Removing stagnated evils form the diseased part by Qigong striking.

Supplementing the Root: Soothe the liver, regulate the spleen and reinforce the kidney as the foundation.

Nursing: Do self-adjustment, self-regulation and pay attention to eye hygiene.

Exercising: Do Qigong exercises to keep fit.

The above is a summary of my experience in the past dozens of years and
clinical practice. Our treatment of shortsightedness started in 1985 when it took 30--40 days to cure the condition.

Now it only takes about 10--15 days, sometimes only 7-10 days to cure
shortsightedness and make the vision to normal.