Infrasonic and conductivity measures show significant short term increases in emitted qi skills of students

Author: Lee Richard H
China Healthways Institute, San Clemente, CA USA -
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 126-127 , Word Count: 238

Twenty-nine American Qigong students traveled to Beijing to learn emitted Qi skills. Before their workshop their emitted Qi skills were measured in two ways:

By emitting infrasonic sound from their palms in the sound laboratory at the Beijing's Institute of TV and Electroacoustice.

By attempting to use their emitted Qi to increase the electrical conductivity of the hands of blindfolded test subjects as measured by Kirlian photography.

They then attended an emitted Qi workshop which involved hiking, Qigong exercises, emitted Qi training, treating of patients with instruction, Tsoist and Buddhist temple practices, and receiving Qigong treatments to break up obstructions to the flow of Qi.

After the emitted Qi workshop they were tested again, and showed significant increases in both measures. Power of infrasonic sound emitted from the palm (Laogong) increased by a factor of 500% (t<0.0005). Also their ability to increase the electrical conductivity of the hand of a test subject increased by 95% (t<0.0025).

These two studies are published on the Internet and available via: and, respectively.

While it is commonly thought that years of practice are required to gain significant emitted Qi skills, this research indicates that measurable increases can be achieved much more quickly. A further, and perhaps more significant conclusion, is that measurements of actual increases in Qi abilities are quite encouraging to students, and thus, a valuable addition to Qigong training programs.