DNA as Antennae for Internal Qi: A New Bioenergetic Mechanism for Healing Disease

Author: Rein Glen
Quantum Biology Research Laboratory, Miller Place, New York, USA
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 47 , Word Count: 263

Original experimental evidence is presented which confirms and extends an earlier study in China by Xi demonstrating the ability of external Qi to modify the conformation (winding and unwinding) of human DNA in solution. The method involves measuring the conformation using W spectroscopy and quantifying the effect by the absorption values at 260nm. The results indicate that positive and negative external Qi have opposite effects on the conformation of DNA. The time course of these changes also allows distinction between different intentions which show immediate or delayed effects. Additional experiments indicate that different intentions can be simultaneously sent to produce different effects on separate DNA solutions. Other experiments indicate the effects can be transmitted over very long distances, even thousands of miles.

These observations, taken in conjunction with recent observations in quantum physics and molecular biology, have been used to develop a model to explain the role of DNA in healing with Qi. The model starts with the assumption (originally proposed by Bi in China) that Qi is not electromagnetic in nature. Studies in quantum physics indicate that 'subtle energies' have a unique toroidal shape. Since recent findings in molecular biology indicate DNA itself can also form a toroid, it is proposed that there is a 'geometric resonance' between the subtle energetic nature of Qi and DNA. Thus, the Toroidal DNA Antennae Model proposes that the practice of Qigong shifts DNA into the toroidal form where it can bring internal Qi energy into the cell and then broadcast it throughout the cell. When Qi is blocked this process is inhibited and disease results.