Evaluation on the therapeutic effects of digital acupoint pressure for obstetric spastic cerebral palsy

Author: Wu, X., Bai, G., Wen, J. & Yang, J.
Conference/Journal: Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Date published: 2005
Other: Volume ID: 25 , Pages: 247-51 , Word Count: 92

METHODS: spastic cerebral palsy were treated with digital acupoint pressure therapy. Ten indexes including intelligence, language, salivation, hand-grasping, thumb-adduction, turnover, sitting, standing, walking, and scissors-gait were divided into the 4 grades of normal, mild abnormal, moderate abnormal, and severe abnormal (dysfunction), The ranges were recorded and evaluated before and after the treatment on shoulder-abduction, elbow-extension, wrist-extension, forearm-backward-rotation, hip-abduction, straight-leg-lifting, knee-extension, and ankle-dorsiflexion. RESULTS: There were significant differences before and after the treatment in the 18 items under observation except for intelligence, with obvious improvement shown after the treatment (P<0.01), the effective rate being 92.5%.