Listening to Turkish classical music decreases patients\' anxiety, pain, dissatisfaction and the dose of sedative and analgesic drugs during colonoscopy: a prospective randomized controlled trial

Author: Ovayolu, N., Ucan, O., Pehlivan, S., Pehlivan, Y., Buyukhatipoglu, H., Savas, M. & Gulsen, M.
Conference/Journal: Clinical Research Cardiology
Date published: 2006
Other: Volume ID: 95 , Pages: 511-3 , Word Count: 96

METHODS: Patients undergoing elective colonoscopy were randomized into either listening to music or not listening to music. Anxiolytic and analgesic drugs were given according to the patients\' demand. Medications were monitored and their levels of anxiety were determined using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. Patients\' satisfaction, pain, and willingness to undergo a repeated procedure were assessed using a visual analog scale. RESULTS: The mean dose of sedative and analgesic drugs used in group 1 smaller as compared to group 2 was the anxiety level was lower the satisfaction score was higher and the pain score was lower.