Translation of an Effective Tai Chi Intervention Into a Community-Based Falls-Prevention Program

Author: Li F, Harmer P, Glasgow R, Mack KA, Sleet D, Fisher KJ, Kohn MA, Millet LM, Mead J, Xu J, Lin ML, Yang T, Sutton B, Tompkins Y
Affiliation: Oregon Research Institute
Conference/Journal: Am J Public Health
Date published: 2008 May 29
Other: Word Count: 77

Tai Chi-Moving for Better Balance, a falls-prevention program developed from a randomized controlled trial for community-based use, was evaluated with the RE-AIM framework in 6 community centers. The program had a 100% adoption rate and 87% reach into the target older adult population. All centers implemented the intervention with good fidelity, and participants showed significant improvements in health-related outcome measures. This evidence-based tai chi program is practical to disseminate and can be effectively implemented and maintained in community settings.
PMID: 18511723