Three dimensional Chinese qigong of Heavenly Circle

Author: Wang Yinqui
Affiliation: Civil Aviation Administration of China, Beijing Hospital,Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 131 , Word Count: 427

The modern Chinese medical Qigong of the Heavenly Circle is a three dimensional Qigong that has evolved from more than 1000 years/of traditional Chinese Qigong and Western osteopathy. For generations the Chinese have been using Qigong to prevent illness and,to heal patients.

Since 1985, Western medical theory was used to study and develop traditional Qigong of the Heavenly Circle, a three dimensional network system which depends on the Du and Zen meridians. The Du-meridian is at the same location as the human spinal cord in Western medicine. Three Acupuncture Gates in the Du meridian are at the same locations where Western medical surgery commonly takes place. The blockage of the three gates, occurring at the same locations as the central nervous system of Western medicine, could cause many illnesses. Zen and Du meridians are connected to the twelve Chinese meridians, including the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, large intestines, small intestines, bladder, stomach, gall bladder, and triple warmer.

We believe that good Qi energy flow in the Heavenly Circle and good blood circulation in the human body are two basic needs for good health. To have good Qi glow in the circle, the three gates in the path of the Du meridian have to be opened by correcting the positions of the vertebrae so that Qi flows up the Du meridian and nourishes the vertebrae, the disks and the soft tissue of the spinal column. The three gates are: Wei-lui connected to five acupuncture points, Chia-chi connected to twelve acupuncture points, and Yu-tsen connected to seven acupuncture points. Blockage of any of the three gates could cause related illnesses. For example, blockage of Wei-lu could cause illness of the stomach, intestine, bladder and weakness of the legs. We set up a way to open the three gates by using biomechanical manipulation with Qigong. Personal Qigong practice will produce greater benefits for human health, life span, physical fitness, skin beauty, and human intelligence.

Results of our research showed that 98% of 495 patients had diseases that were related to some spinal problems. Among 49 patients with dizziness and headaches due to blockage of Yu-tsen gate, 98% recovered after the gate was opened. Among some of these patients, the average vision was increase 2 to 3 scales after the gate was opened: PHY-1 balance instrument indicated 16.96+/-10.21CM before the gate was opened, and 13.22+/-8.17CM after the gate was opened with P<0.001.

Three dimensional Qigong of the Heavenly Circle, which is the first step of the combined study of Qigong and Western medicine, offers a promising new area for development and further study.