Research on the principle of how the deep breathing exercises cure cancer

Author: Zhang Rulin
Affiliation: Xinxiang Medical College, Henan, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 330 , Word Count: 789

Cancer has been a great threat to the mankind and scientists have been making constant research on it in their own fields for nearly a hundred years. Although they have obtained abundant statistics and many experimental data, they still can not give an accurate definition to it. The people engaged in cancer research have been puzzled over those academic arguments and trends of cancer that are emerging in endless stream. Since the 80s of this century the scientific researchers of our country, like the expert on immunology, Professor Feng Dida, who has been making research on the effects of Waiqi upon human cancer cells and the effects of Waiqi upon leukaemia L1210 in animal experiments; Lu Zhuyin, professor of Qinghua University, who has been studying the effects of Waiqi upon liquid cristals; have all made encouraging progress and offered theoretical basic for clinical cancer curing with Waiqi. But all the researches above only aim at clearing away the cancer cells in the organism; no doubt, this is effective when cancer comes on at the very beginning, but cancer cells will not be under control by such means including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and resection once cancer metastasizes to the later period.
On the basis of 'Take precautions against diseases' and 'put prevention first', Rosen, Professor of Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute, who has been making the research of the effect of Waiqi upon CAMP in blood plasam and Ro Jide Professor of GUangzhou Deep Breathing Exercises Research Institute, who has been making the research on the compound rate of hereditary gene DNA, have both made encouraging progress and offered theoretical basis for curing cancer with Waiqi, but the mechanism of cancer has not been revealed yet.
With the development of molecular biology, people are knowing sore and more about DNA and more and more people, from the viewpoint of growth biology, believe that 'the wrong coding procedure of the normal gene function' is the fundamental cause of the growth of cancer cells and they explain the growth of cancer with gene variation. They hold that the gene coding procedure is steady under a special controlling way, but when it is affected by external factors and rises- to a certain extent, then the variation of gene function coding procedure will occur and this will cause the cells mutation and cancer tumour will come on as a result.
The view point above, in the writer's opinion, is a new breakthrough in philosophy and methodology on the research of cancer. It has entered a new stage in the theory of system and in the concept of viewing the situation as a whole and has marked a new milestone in the research of cancer curing, and most important, such viewpoints have already been mentioned by our forefathers in the days of two thousand years ago.
We have learnt such viewpoints from our Chinese Medicine as 'the concept of viewing the situation as a whole' 'Man and nature compose the whole' and 'Man is closely relevant- to nature' that though man composed a whole body itself, it can't exist alone, man is closely connected with nature. Man and nature compose a whole body but they are often in the state of the unity of opposites. If this can't be regulated well, there will be something wrong with the human body. The statement in 'Shu Wen' 'with the healthy atmosphere in side the body the perverse trend will not be able to enter' and the words in 'Ling Shu' 'if the perverse trend comes inside the body man will become weak' have told us that all the diseases in the human body are the result of the struggle between the healthy atmosphere and the perverse trend, and this is because the healthy atmosphere inside is not sufficient to drive out the invading perverse trend. Therefore, we must start from the entirety to adjust ourselves to nature and help the healthy atmosphere to drive out the perverse trend before we try to cure the diseases, and this is the most fundamental way.
The system of deep breathing exercises controls the life system by giving out information and it is possible to keep the life system steady. Furthermore, during the process of doing the exercises man exchange information with nature and this makes the photon radiated out by human cells feedback with the carrier of human life information in the sunshine and thus help the distorted life controlling system and cancer to recover.
In a word, doing deep breathing exercises can keep the healthy atmosphere inside the body, and absorbing Waiqi can help the healthy atmosphere and reduce the perverse trend. Both of them can achieve the aim of curing cancer and other diseases including AIDS as well.